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Soul Food With a Touch of Love


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Soul Food With a Touch of Love

Länge: 106 Seiten44 Minuten


the book is a compilation of family and personal recipes developed over three decades of cooking in the kitchen. many recipes use the slow cooking method on top of stove. some recipes use a combination of stove top cooking and baking main dish in the oven. here are some flavorful recipes in the book i enjoyed for decades: such as turkey chili, pinto and red beans, macaroni and cheese casseroles, turkey or beef, lasagna and sea food gumbo. these are examples of dishes that require a lot of prep work with recipe ingredients and an hour or more to cook bake these recipe. i wrote this book as a tribute to my mother my mentor and teacher. learning how to slow cook meat, vegetables, and casseroles has been priceless and a lot of fun. i hope these recipes bring joy to all cook and bake them.

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