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Heart Songs: Soul Lyrics


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Heart Songs: Soul Lyrics

Länge: 125 Seiten36 Minuten


Heart Songs - Soul Lyrics brings meaning and mission to life. 21st Century living requires adaptation, flexibility, toleration, ambiguity, and accepting new challenges. Change seems to be our only daily constant. Poetry calls out life's riches thru our heart, eyes, and soul, unveiling deeper meaning. Heart Songs - Song Lyrics brings 86 poems empowering us to see, feel and enjoy more from life.

As a consequence of our society's e-culture, driven to satisfy our need for inner, instant ego gratification, our collective external social quality of life has diminished. We now seek to transcend to a better life for all by integrating and applying to our daily life; selflessness, deep lasting values, proper manners, spirituality, character, authenticity and gratitude, to give our lives meaning and purpose.

Poetry acts as a catalyst to help the mind filter, process and coalesce new meaning, by exploring the depths of real life; through a holistic understanding of the human experience. Crafted skillfully, flowing naturally, a poem's Heart Songs — Soul Lyrics, penetrate our mind be reframing our perspectives, to a higher level of understanding and appreciation of the total mystery, magic, marvel, and miracles of life's journey.

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