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The EBay Suspension Bible: The Step-by-step Guide to Reinstating Your Ebay and Paypal Accounts

The EBay Suspension Bible: The Step-by-step Guide to Reinstating Your Ebay and Paypal Accounts

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The EBay Suspension Bible: The Step-by-step Guide to Reinstating Your Ebay and Paypal Accounts

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Nov 16, 2010


Written by a consultancy with many years of combined experience in helping and advising clients deal with both EBay and Paypal problems. This extensive guide has been written using a wealth of knowledge, experience and research. The result is a straightforward, no holds barred guide which will enable you to legally and honestly re-instate your EBay and Paypal accounts.

Nov 16, 2010

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The EBay Suspension Bible - S Thomas

the ebay suspension bible




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Appendix 1 - Ebay Glossary

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the ebay suspension bible


There truly is no guessing as to why you are reading this right now. You didn't just happen to discover this book accidentally while leisurely browsing the internet. The truth is you are most likely in the middle of either an eBay suspension, a PayPal problem or a security crisis and that you need to turn it around. Whatever your particular case, this book is fully prepared to assist and guide you into acquiring a completely new and legal identity that will become your eBay or PayPal ID for any and all online business where you are required to surrender personal information.

This will safeguard your crucial data from being abused or misused and also let you get back onto eBay without any conflicts with your old account details. The eBay suspension guide is able to help you with all of the above situations by keeping your personal and private information on ominous and out of reach of others. We have thoroughly researched this information and are confident that wherever you live in the world this information will work for you.

The World Wide Web is basically the universe in a box, and anybody and everybody can reach into the one box. Some do it for leisure, pleasure, education, communication and commerce. Others do it to steal, harm, include, in the face and a game for commerce. The threat of personal information being taken, sold, hacked or used for identity crimes is ever increasing.

We all take comfort in believing that our personal information is safe and secure in the hands of a megaonline company like eBay. However the sad truth is, many large corporations and companies have been compromised by hackers. Though in most cases it is the users or customers personal and financial information that is hijacked and abused. It's almost a guarantee, that someday this will happen to either yourself or to someone you know.

In all probability you may already have had a rude awakening to the reality of cyber trespassing, whether it be:

• From reading the latest news about a site, possibly eBay, being hacked for use information.

• Getting your own eBay account hacked.

• Having your personal information illegally accessed or divulged.

• Receiving harassment, either in digital or physical.

• Witnessing a friend or relative being harassed.

The Internet as a whole and eBay in particular (not to mention other online auction houses) make you vulnerable to an onslaught of various situations that can compromise your security. Ebay requires all its users to submit their most personal information. Some of it is for in-house use only (so we are led to believe) while much of your information is legitimately available to all users who have any dealings with you.

When you buy and sell on eBay, there is based presumption of satisfaction on both ends of the transaction. However not all deals are smooth, and legitimate. Which opens up the possibility of a disgruntled eBay are using your information (name, address, phone number, etc) for the purposeful intention of harassing you are even worse, since they now know how to personally make contact. This includes the possibility of they themselves or their acquaintances paying you a visit, now that they know where you live! You may think that this is an improbable situation and that it could never happen. Recognizing what kind of people fill this world, can you take that chance?

To summarise:

There is always the threat to any eBay user of-identity theft, account hijacking, fraudulent charges to your bank account or credit card, harassment, unwelcome phone calls or home visits, and the possibility of danger to your property, yourself or your family.

Some truths about Ebay and Paypal Accounts

There are numerous stories of people who have been suspended from the eBay or locked out of PayPal. They range from the most ridiculous and petty circumstances to the very serious and dramatic. Some of the suspensions seem to have no rhyme or reason about them at all and while others are completely shocking hard to believe. Literally tens of thousands of people have become not a registered user, or NARU, by way of an eBay suspension. And hundreds upon hundreds of them have shared the stories, had wings, anger, and well-intentioned advice in online forums, blogs and other places. No doubt you have come across many of them during present mission

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  • (1/5)
    Much of the book has poor grammar, author obviously did not speak English as a first language, babbled on and on about how eBay is spying on you, and other Illuminati non-sense, half-baked suspension advice. Book sucks.