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Apex Magazine: Issue 1

Apex Magazine: Issue 1

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Apex Magazine: Issue 1

40 Seiten
36 Minuten
Nov 22, 2010


A 2012 Hugo Award nominee for Best Semiprozine!

Apex Magazine is a monthly science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine featuring original, mind-bending short fiction from many of the top pros of the field. New issues are released on the first Tuesday of every month.

Table of Contents:

Short Fiction
"...That Has Such People in It" by Jennifer Pelland
"She Called Me Sweetie" by Glenn Lewis Gillette
"The Frozen Sky" by Jeff Carlson (no longer available)

"Interview with JM McDermott" by Jason Sizemore

Edited by Hugo Award- and Stoker Award-nominated editor Jason B. Sizemore.

Nov 22, 2010

Über den Autor

Jason Sizemore is a writer and editor who lives in Lexington, KY. He owns Apex Publications, an SF, fantasy, and horror small press, and has twice been nominated for the Hugo Award for his editing work on Apex Magazine. Stay current with his latest news and ramblings via his Twitter feed handle @apexjason.

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Apex Magazine - Jason Sizemore


ISSUE 1, JULY 2009


Smashwords Edition

Copyrights and Acknowledgments

Editorial Dispositions Copyright © 2009 by Jason B. Sizemore

She Called Me Sweetie Copyright © 2009 by Glenn Lewis Gillette

…That Has Such People in It Copyright © 2009 by Jennifer Pelland

Interview with JM McDermott Copyright © 2009 by Jason B. Sizemore

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief—Jason Sizemore

Senior Editor—Gill Ainsworth

Graphic Designer—Justin Stewart

ISSN: 2157-1406

Apex Publications

PO Box 24323

Lexington, KY 40524

Each new issue of Apex Magazine is released on the first Tuesday of the month. Single issues are available for $2.99. Subscriptions are available for twelve months and cost $19.95.

Table of Contents

Editorial Dispositions

Jason B. Sizemore

…That Has Such People in It

Jennifer Pelland

She Called Me Sweetie

Glenn Lewis Gillette

The Frozen Sky

Jeff Carlson

(No longer available)

Interview with JM McDermott

Jason Sizemore

Editorial Dispositions

Jason B. Sizemore

A favorite question of fans is the simple Why do you keep applying the pain of publishing a magazine? They say there is no money to be made in the small press ‘zine racket. That it is full of hearbreak and despair. And the stress… ye gods, the stress.

Yes, all of these things are true, to an extent.

And yes, I love doing it.

The other question, especially with me pulling the magazine out of hiatus and presenting this a new volume and a new issue number one, is How?

Here’s the part where I say "I am counting on you, Dear Reader."

I have a three-pronged plan of attack. The first is to raise funds via sponsorship and web advertising. We are launching with three different levels of sponsorship ($50/$250/$1000) that grants you certain privileges. Also, we are selling web banner ad space for $25 and tower ad space for $30. If you don’t want to sponsor or don’t have anything you’d like to advertise, then you can always donate to the cause.

The second stream of revenue involves sales of the magazine, either digital PDF sales ($2.50 is our initial price offering) or sales of the magazine in print format via

A third source of revenue will be through sales of the anthology The Book of Apex: Volume 1 of Apex Magazine. This anthology contains all the original online fiction published from January 1st, 2008, through June 30th, 2009. That’s twenty-four stories, over 100,000 words of concentrated Apex. All proceeds

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