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Play Better Golf

Play Better Golf

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Play Better Golf

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Jan 7, 2011


Does Bingle, Bangle Bungle mean anything to you? How about "Do Over Golf"? 'Play Better Golf', by PGA Professional Jon Paschetto offers these fun playing formats along with dozens of golf tips and golfing advice to help make your golf experience more fun and rewarding.

Jan 7, 2011

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Play Better Golf - Jon Paschetto


Club Care

Here are a few common sense do’s and don’ts to insure that your expensive golf gear remains in good condition and ready to perform.

Don't ever store your clubs in the trunk of a car on hot summer days. Heat damages graphite shafts, epoxy bonds, and grips.

Don't store your clubs in humid areas such as the garage during the summer time to avoid rust on inside of steel shafts as well as mildew on grips and golf bag.

Do use a felt/fur-lined, partitioned golf bag and long knit head covers to protect graphite shafts from scratching, chipping and splintering.

Do keep clubheads clean between shots to avoid abrasive wear to clubhead. Keep chrome plated forged club heads especially clean and dry before leaving course or range to avoid rust.

Do use mild soapy water and scrub brush to clean grips periodically.

Do re-grip clubs once a year

Do use a hard shell travel case to transport clubs on airplanes. Airlines are not responsible for damage in soft travel bags.

Do be aware of potential damage to shafts when swinging near tree trunks and overhanging limbs as well as any other interference objects

Wipe clubs dry after playing in wet weather.

Don't lean on shafts. This puts stress on shaft in hosel area and leads to breakage.

Arc Putters

There has been a great trend in recent years towards the long and belly putters. Long putters are swung back and thru while being anchored to the player’s sternum or even sometimes their chin while belly putters are anchored just above or near the belly button.

A couple reasons they are so successful is that they allow the putter to be swung in a perfect plane around and up much like we try to accomplish when we make full swings with our iron or wood clubs.

By swinging in a plane, the putter face also stays square to the arc it is swinging on while it turns back and thru because the shaft swings back and thru on the same angle as the club’s lie angle for the entire stroke. The clubface is only square to the target line during its impact with the ball. This type of ‘arc putting’ as it is called, is a very efficient way to putt yielding solid and accurate putts that consistently find the hole.

Offset Hosels - Correcting the Slice

Do you fight the dreaded slice with your woods and hit your irons reasonably straight or even with a slight draw? Then this equipment tip may be for you.

Many of the manufacturers are coming out with offset hosel metal woods this year because they work great in offsetting the slice.

An offset hosel is when the leading edge of the clubface is slightly behind (right of) the leading edge of the shaft. The offset allows an extra fraction of a second more time for the clubface to rotate square and produce a straight shot.

Many companies have been using offset hosels in irons for years but are just starting to produce them in metal woods. This delay may have been due in part to the advanced manufacturing processes and high strength materials required to produce a sturdy metal wood hosel.

If you play offset irons, it is my opinion you should also play offset metal woods and vice versa if you play conventional hosel woods you should also play conventional hosel irons.

Many players use a mix and therefore have two different shapes to their iron and wood shots. You can more easily square up to the ball by matching up the hosels throughout your whole set. An offset is great at reducing a slice and a conventional hosel will help you fight a hook. Most of us, however, fight the slice.

Visit your local Pro and ask to try his demonstration model of an offset metal wood. You should see a noticeable difference from your conventional driver, especially if you have been playing offset hosel irons.

Driver Tech

The new drivers coming out today have much deeper faces than models of just a few years ago. The reasoning is that the higher a ball can be hit above its center of gravity the further it will travel because of reduced backspin. The new term is called vertical gear effect much like a toe hit will hook and a heel hit will cut due

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