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Steve Pavlina: The Unauthorized Biography


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Steve Pavlina: The Unauthorized Biography

Länge: 76 Seiten1 Stunde


Steve Pavlina describes himself as “the most intensely growth-oriented individual you will ever meet.” Since the age of 19, when he was almost convicted of felony grand theft auto, Steve has dedicated his life to personal growth.

Impassioned by sharing his growth with others, Pavlina has penned more than 700 articles and a book. He has appeared in newspapers across the globe, including The New York Times, USA Today, and The Guardian. His self-titled website became the most popular personal development website on the planet, getting millions of hits per month.

But who is Steve Pavlina? Is he the polymath he purports to be on his blog posts and in his book, or is he the “swindling knave” his opponents claim he is? Is Pavlina an honest personal blogger, or are his posts driven by the desire to make money, at all costs?

From his early years at a high school with an abusive priest to his later in life experiments with polyamory and BDSM, this biography tells you all you want to know about the prolific personal development blogger.

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