Sailing The Sea Of People


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Sailing The Sea Of People

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Mike Miller Bio

Mike Miller was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Since he was a child he has been surrounded by music. His Mother, Vicki Newby and his Father, Noel Steve Miller both were major musical influences on their son Michael. In his later High School years, Michael became involved in several local teenaged bands playing the bass mainly.

A year or two after High School Michael set off on a five year trek across the central and western regions of the United states Hitch hiking and backpack all the way. It is durring this part of his life That he acquired most of the inspiration for the songs that he wrote for the album: Sailing The Sea Of People. He met many different types of people and witnessed some of natures most amazing scenery. This is the reason that he has geared his music towards the idea of Unity and Equality along with a sense for the Mother Earth.

After this long journey He ended up in Augusta, Georgia being around for his two daughters Leilani and Jacinda Young-Miller. This is where he finally recorded Sailing The Sea Of People In a friends spare bedroom that had been painted a deep dark blue. One of the original ideas for a name of the album was The Blue Room. When Michael thought about the time that he wrote the songs he had to name the album Sailing the Sea of People. He Recorded Produced and performed all parts of Sailing The Sea Of People. This means all instruments and vocals are being performed By Michael Miller.

He is now working on a new album called High Speed Gristle Pivot and has many instrumental Songs and beats created and produced by him as well. He will be releasing more music soon, so be ready for the new music to be realesed.

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