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From Birth to Bliss


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From Birth to Bliss

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Written by a Maternity Nurse, this book is a practical manual for new babies and their mothers.

Within the manual is the ‘plan’ which will enable all new mothers to achieve the same result themselves with a lot less effort than is required to manage a fractious baby.

The first part of the manual sets out initial essential new learning, and best practice of all the activities that a new mother and her baby will need to perfect together. The second part of the manual, ‘The Plan’, will quickly and easily guide them both through a sequence to a point that most mothers only hope to achieve around a 3 month milestone.

With a plan to eliminate guesswork, within days of birth ( or any time within the first few months), a mother and her newborn baby can expect to move naturally through the uncertainty of inexperience and baby’s random chaotic demand, to an optimum structure of confidence and predictable regularity in their busy daily lives.

I have written this manual in the desire to share my knowledge and experience because the vast amount of information already available for new mothers can be confusing, conflicting, and often relates only generally to the daily care of newborn babies.

In my career as a maternity nurse, mother and baby coach, baby nurse, mentor and assistant to numerous mothers and their babies in the days immediately following the birth, in every instance, the methods outlined in this book have produced the desired results of best practice confidence, a comfortable predictable regularity in mutual expectation, and the associated contentment for all family members, as quickly as day one in many cases.

It is important to note that the information in this book will be of benefit to all babies whether breast or bottle fed, and will simplify the care and management of multiples too.

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