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Calm Effects: Unique Cannabis Appetizers!


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Calm Effects: Unique Cannabis Appetizers!

Bewertung: 5 von 5 Sternen5/5 (1 Bewertung)
Länge: 165 Seiten57 Minuten


The purpose of this cannabis cookbook is to give procedures for using cannabis in food and get the most out of the healing properties in the marijuana plant. This book has nutritional facts with over 70 recipes all written from scratch and tested for quality and flavor.

All of the recipes are original recipes written and tested by Maria Hartman and Bryan Johnson. It is one of the first books of it's kind to be written. Complete with procedures and nutritional facts for each recipe. The procedures are written to be easy to follow so the novice in the kitchen can create wonderful tasting food without a strong cannabis taste.

We are all familiar with the cannabis plant; we are just now starting to understand the many purposes associated with the herbs use. It was not until recently that scientists began to admit that marijuana has a place in the medical community because of its healing properties.

The Marijuana plant can be used to make clothing, food products, crafts, jewelry, handbags, personal care items, various fabrics, rope, guitar straps, yarn, sweaters, furniture, towels and much more.

This herb has been debated as a treatment for various diseases. There are many health conditions in which marijuana looks like a treatment. For some of these conditions, smoking may be more suitable, if the effect needed is urgent, as smoking works almost instantly. For many others though, the effects of cooking cannabis can be more helpful.

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