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DreamWalk: Waru-Lar's Journey Beyond Life


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DreamWalk: Waru-Lar's Journey Beyond Life

Länge: 29 Seiten23 Minuten


Have you ever wondered what might happen after your physical death? Have you ever wondered how we could support our loved ones on their journey beyond this life’s boundaries?

Engage a Dreamwalker!

The Dreamwalker will be the light on the soul’s path through the realms. They help the soul to remember its origins and to show the way to the Bridge of Flowers, if the soul so decides. The Dreamwalker is there to support the soul all the way, they don’t judge, they accept whatever decisions the soul wants to make. Going through the realms can be scary at times, but overall, it also can be one of the most wonderful experiences both for the dreamwalker and the soul of the deceased.

With this work, we gain understanding of the happenings after death - how beautiful and magnificent the soul can be after it allows its human restrictions to fall away.
Knowledge about this will allow us to live our lives more fully, as it takes away our fears of death and dying. It has already changed my life - maybe it will change yours as well!

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