Tripping Over Akron: Alcoholism & Insanity


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Tripping Over Akron: Alcoholism & Insanity

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In 1999 when my only child moved from Ohio to Oregon it ocurred to me that one day she might appreciate having a journal describing the events leading up to her unusual birth. I never married Katie's father because of something terrible he did to me in 1970, and I never discussed the incident with anyone at the time. When Katie married and was expecting her first child I emailed her father to tell him we were to become grandparents. This led to a rekindling of our love/lust for each other and nearly destroyed both our marriages as well as my questionable sanity. After another failed suicide attempt, quite a bit of psychotherapy, and a return to AA meetings, it was suggested I continue my journal and elaborate on my experiences living the hippy lifestyle with my sister Carol during the late 1960's and 70's

Thanks (or not) to my alcoholism and mental illness my life could have been written into a cheesy soap opera. Throughout my adult years I've frequently heard, "You should write a book." I finally took that advice. I credit my sense of humor with seeing me through my worst catastrophes and I hope the reader understands that laughter gets a lot of the credit for saving my life.

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