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Feather Duster

155 pages2 hours


A Quick, Dirty Thriller

England. 1943. Sgt. Rosenberg, a 19-year-old ball turret gunner with a bad attitude, is assigned to find out who murdered Captain Dust, the heroic B-17 pilot of *Feather Duster*.

Rosie, a crazy kid who boogie-woogies, hits people who deserve it when they're not looking, and can be talked into doing wild things with women, is helped in his investigations by Doc, his new pal at the base hospital, and Major Merritt, the wildly popular squadron commander who becomes Tonto to his Lone Ranger. Rosie finds himself entangled in a tale of betrayal and suspicion, enemies everywhere, and murder at 20,000 feet in the war-torn skies of World War II Europe.

In this accelerated, fiercely authentic tale, the reader is taken on a wild ride both on the ground and in the air.

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