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Song of the Legions

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‘Song of the Legions’ is the first book in a brand new series, and the first novel in the English language to follow the story of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Polish Legion, one of the most tragic and heroic tales in military history.

This was the forerunner of the legendary French regiment that still bears the name they were given by their enemies – ‘The Foreign Legion’. It is the great untold story of the Napoleonic Wars.

It is told through the eyes of Ignatius Blumer, a half-Irish, half-Polish gentleman soldier. As a young cavalryman in the Polish army, Blumer found himself in the Polish King’s guard of honour, on the fateful Third of May 1791, when King Stanislaus-August signed the Polish Constitution, promising freedom and equality to his subjects.

But Catherine the Great, the terrifying Empress of Russia – and the King’s ex-girlfriend – was furious. Together with her allies, Prussia and Austria, she sent a massive army to crush all opposition against her tyrannical rule. Poland was conquered.

Exiled and hunted, and with a price on their heads, Blumer and his comrades joined the Legions of Napoleon, fighting in Italy for the French Revolutionaries against their common enemy. But will Napoleon restore Poland’s freedom, or will he betray the Legion?

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