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Heat Waves


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Heat Waves

Länge: 240 Seiten3 Stunden


Description by Robin weaver, author of Don't Make Me Make You Brownies." Nov. 06, 2011 :

Heat Waves, can be likened to a modern, grown-up version of The Parent Trap. Except Waves touts a more complex plot and a lot more heat. Set amid a “twins only” cruise of the Hawaiian Islands, the novel delivers with everything the lush tropics have to offer—and more. The sexy heros, David and Mike, decide to pursue Daisy while the female twins, Poppy and Daisy, both have the hots for David. You’re in for more than a few fake-outs while the author keeps you guessing as to who will end up with whom. Throw in a stalker and several near tragic accidents that aren’t really accidents and the intrigue will keep your turning those pages. A quick, fun read.

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