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The Back Pain Conspiracy: How to Watch Your Back and Lose the Pain


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The Back Pain Conspiracy: How to Watch Your Back and Lose the Pain

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There is more to the back pain epidemic than you think...

Are you considering drugs, procedures, or even major surgery for your back pain? If you value your future back health, don’t do anything until you’ve read this book.

For the first time, get an evidence-based look at back pain causes and the effectiveness of 21 of the most popular conventional and alternative back pain treatments. What works? What doesn’t? Told from the perspective of a back pain survivor and healthcare professional, The Back Pain Conspiracy unearths the startling facts behind the mythology, so you can understand your pain and how to lose it.

You Will Learn:

* Why you have back pain, and why it won’t go away
* How to identify back pain myths and misconceptions
* What the most—and least—effective back pain treatments are
* When to pursue which types of treatment
* Where to look for long-term back pain relief

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