Running On Empty How to Avoid Adrenal Fatigue


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Running On Empty How to Avoid Adrenal Fatigue

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Do you suffer from stress? Here is the answer! Harness your own inbuilt, natural Hormones of Harmony.

Anne Clark has developed a unique formula to overcome all aspects of stress and relieving the symptoms of stress.

You will learn to identify and manage stress before you lose the ability to deal with the debilitating diseases that can come about because of disconnection from your mind, body and soul.

Stress is a natural human response to pressure when faced with challenging and sometimes dangerous situations. Pressure is not only about what's happening around you, but more often about the demands you place on yourself.

What you will learn from this book is how to identify and manage anxiety with higher vibrational food. You will discover the implementation of intelligent aromatherapy, essential fatty acids and the appropriate beneficial practice of meditation and movement for harnessing and releasing hormones of harmony.

Anne will take you though these simple steps: identify and manage anxiety - eating higher vibrational food - utilise essential fatty acids - learn about intelligent aromatherapy - appropriate practice of meditation - physical movement for harnessing and releasing your very own hormones of harmony.

Anne Clark is the author of 18 books on health and wellness. She has run a thriving Health & Wellness practice for over 30 years, incorporating massage, raw food, health retreats, iridology, meditation, veganism, postive lifestyle choices and more. She is also an accomplished speaker and presenter.

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