Turn Passion Into Purpose: A+ Career Guide Book 4 Success


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Turn Passion Into Purpose: A+ Career Guide Book 4 Success

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This guide is geared for teens through adults who are searching or reinventing a career path for themselves. Topics are simple to understand. Reading format is easy with highlights and quick tips.

Completely self guided this book offers assessments to define your skills and interest for targeting a job fit for you. Included is also a unique self assessment on the type of work environment that would suit you best. Learn what criminal background checks are and how they can affect your career goals. Don't let drug testing procedures upset you. Learn to pass one easily! Get a head start on job interviewing techniques. Lot's of winning tips are included.

And, here is a bonus. This book was written from a recruiter's perception. Learn behaviors that influence a job candidate's success. Don't miss out. Be sure to read the valuable information offered in this guide! Subjects taught are not a part of ordinary career books.

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