Solar Power: Economic Disaster


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Solar Power: Economic Disaster

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*New update v2.0*

- Easier reading, more analogies, more discussion
- More comprehensive discussion on economic costs
- New Chapter dedicated to Practical Renewables
- More Nuclear myths debunked

Even with free solar cells and batteries, solar power is too expensive.

If safe nuclear power is expensive, solar power is a disaster (and so is wind). Here I present an analysis with these key findings:

- Solar utility scale power is too expensive even with free solar cells and free batteries
- Fossil fuels are much cheaper but less environmentally friendly
- Wind with storage is better, but still economically unfeasible.
- 100% Solar / Wind hybrids on the utility scale are economically unfeasible to operate
- Geothermal, hydro, clean coal and nuclear energy are the likely candidates for a greener future
- Nuclear energy is cheaper than clean coal in the long run (30 years)
- Clean natural gas is the most economic low emissions option if natural gas remains cheap

Wind and solar are NOT the way to go in terms of economics.

The only candidates left for large scale economically feasible power generation are geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and fossil fuel power. And in places without geothermal and hydroelectric resources, which would you rather generate electricity for you?
Fossil fuel power or cleaner nuclear power?

And is there such a thing as safe nuclear power?

Absolutely! I'll be discussing more on that in my next book.

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