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Jo of the Outback

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Jo, outback stockhand, is introduced travelling alone in Mexico. On the way to a Mayan ruin, Jo returns in her dream to Wollingbar the cattle station she has left.Her boss sends her out to fix a broken-down bus. A beautiful Aboriginal woman stands out amongst the Japanese tourists. It is obvious to Jo that this woman is a lesbian. Jo tries her usual charm, but the woman is unwilling to be seduced, at least not right away. Donna, the Aboriginal woman, has a secret. When it is unveiled, Jo accompanies her on a journey through the Outback. Through Donna’s eyes and heart, the reader learns of the Dreamtime and the connectiveness of Aboriginals to the earth. It is a warm and touching love story that reveals the lives of two women from different cultures. Jo is a runaway kid who survives in the wild west town of Cober Pedy before she finds a home on an Outback cattle ranch. Donna escapes a dysfunctional family to become a teacher. On their journey to Aboriginal sites, each woman shares her life. They also share a passionate love that overcomes many obstacles. Donna requests that Jo travels outside of Australia as a way to examine and enrich her life. The setting for this story is the magnificence of the Outback and its incredible birds and animals. I fell in love with the Outback and I am sure my readers will too.

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