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Book two of the Tesla saga. Awarded runner-up in the 2014 SPR Full Moon Science Fiction Awards.

When friends fail and cities fall, when enemies grow stronger by taking everything that is treasured by the inhabitants of the Steam Academy, what is left for them to do?

Strike back!

The city is being rebuilt, but nothing is the same. This fortress of science—the last sanctuary against the marauding cyborg forces sweeping the land—is being distorted by a flood of refugees seeking protection inside the city walls.

The land changes, power corrupts, and the enemy becomes harder to identify.

Risking everything against betrayal’s cruel bite, Sebastian and Melanie embark on a mission against the cyborg enemy. A mission that takes them into the heart of enemy territory, the Hive itself, where they face their darkest fears and risk losing every- thing that’s important to them.

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