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Nothing To Report


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Nothing To Report

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Nothing to report is a novel of fiction based upon real events that occurred while on patrol in the New York city police department during the turbulent eras of the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. It contains love, death, romance, violence, street justice and is sometimes humorous. It contains actual streets and locales in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. The story begins in the 120th police precinct in Staten Island. The platoon commander of the midnight shift is lieutenant Audenino and his driver is Charlie. The description of the precinct is a true depiction of the actual precinct and the workings inside. Charlie is assigned to make the much needed coffee run and while doing so meets and falls in love with the waitress. He begins to think about her constantly but has guilt feelings because he is married. At first he does not tell his lieutenant but begins an affair with the waitress which begins to consume him mentally with his burden of guilt. He falls deeply in love, so he thinks, and eventually his wife finds out and she too begins an affair with an office worker. While driving the lieutenant he asks the lieutenant to tell him some stories of when and how the lieutenant became a police officer years before. The lieutenant describes how he came on the job and once again the narrative is very descriptive of the time and era. The lieutenant tells Charlie about some of the most horrific stories that he had encountered while on patrol. He shares with Charlie some of the most personal events that he encountered. All events depicted actually occurred and were experienced by the author who served twenty eight years on patrol in the nycpd in some of the busiest and most dangerous precincts. The actual history of some of the incidents and characters is also depicted.

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