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Erotic Encounters Volume One

Erotic Encounters Volume One

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Erotic Encounters Volume One

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25. Apr. 2014


Unexpected Encounter A proper bank employee climbing the career ladder, Shasta Brooks fantasizes about sexy computer consultant, Dane Wingate, every time he's in the bank...and even when he isn't. Much to her dismay, he hasn't asked her out even though he openly flirts. Then her friends throw her a well-intentioned thirtieth birthday party and hire the hottest male stripper in Seattle to help her celebrate. There's no mistaking the man behind the mask. Dane's secret is safe with Shasta, but now that she knows, she's ready for a private performance. Masked Encounter When fantasy becomes too hot to handle, what's a girl to do? Trish Andrews wants one fantastic night of hot sex with her boss, Jonathon Rutledge, without risking her pride, her identity, and ultimately, his rejection. When an invitation to a masquerade lands on Jonathon's desk, crashing the party in a killer red dress seems like the perfect opportunity to turn fantasy into reality. Steamy Encounter Event planner Afton Pendleton was very pleased with her arrangements for the upcoming grand opening party at the luxury ski resort. But she hadn't anticipated the resort's dynamic owner, Gage Brennan, arriving on the scene and making arbitrary last minute changes to her carefully worked out preparations. Angry sparks fly fast and furious between them. But before she can regain control of her project, the worst snow storm in fifty years shuts down everything. The two adversaries are stranded together in an empty lodge. Sparks of a different type fly as the physical attraction between them spirals out of control. Could this steamy encounter possibly lead to a lasting relationship?
25. Apr. 2014

Über den Autor

Biography Shawna Delacorte short bio I've lived most of my life in Los Angeles and earned my living for twenty years by working in television production. I was always interested in writing and dabbled at it, but not seriously. I combined my interest in writing with my avocation of photography and began doing magazine articles featuring my photographs. After selling several articles, I discovered I enjoyed the writing process as much as the photography. My friends told me I should make use of my television contacts and write scripts. I enrolled in a screen writing class at UCLA. By the close of class I knew screen writing was not for me. The other thing I knew was that I wanted to write novels rather than magazine articles.

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Erotic Encounters Volume One - Samantha Gentry


Erotic Encounters

Volume One


Samantha Gentry

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.

Erotic Encounters Volume One

COPYRIGHT © 2014 by Samantha Gentry

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or The Wild Rose Press, Inc. except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

Contact Information:

Cover Art by Diana Carlile

The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

PO Box 708

Adams Basin, NY 14410-0708

Visit us at

Publishing History

First Scarlet Rose Edition, January 2014

Print ISBN 978-1-62830-139-7

Digital ISBN 978-1-62830-140-3

Published in the United States of America


Samantha Gentry



Ms. Gentry has believable characters that are well written. She tells a visual tale with words.

~5 Angels - Dawnie, Fallen Angel Reviews


I found Masked Encounter a lovely and steamy way to spend a couple of hours. This is another story that will be placed prominently in my short story library.

~Joyfully Reviewed


Samantha Gentry is an awesome writer who spins a tale of so much interest you have to fall in love with the characters and the book itself! Trust me on this! You will enjoy Ms. Gentry's style. I guarantee it…read this book!

~5 Hearts - Brenda Tally, The Romance Studio

Unexpected Encounter

Chapter One

Dane Wingate scrutinized Shasta Brooks’ short auburn hair, beautiful green eyes and a body even her tailored slacks and blazer couldn’t hide. She handled the business transaction for the obviously confused elderly woman with a patience and compassion that touched the vulnerability he tried to keep safely tucked away. Life had taught him that such a liability was one to keep hidden, not an asset to let anyone else see.

He sucked in a deep breath, held it for a moment, then slowly exhaled. No matter how attracted he was to her, he didn’t have time in his life for any type of personal involvement, not until—


Shasta’s voice jolted him from his thoughts. He flashed his patented sexy smile as he sauntered toward her window, trying his best to appear casual and confident. Good afternoon, beautiful. How’s my favorite bank teller today?

She returned his smile with a dazzling one of her own. I can say in all honesty, I’m glad it’s Friday. The bank will be closing in a few minutes, and I’m not working a Saturday morning shift this week.

Sounds like you have big plans for the weekend. He winked at her as he shoved a check across the counter. I’d like to cash this.

She looked at the check. You know, it would be much quicker for you to use the ATM if the only thing you want is cash from your account.

"I know, but the ATM is so impersonal. I’m very big on the personal touch." Using the bank’s ATM would certainly have been much quicker, but it wouldn’t have allowed him to hear her sexy voice or see her beautiful smile.

Over the past few months, ever since the bank became one of his clients for his computer consulting services, he had steadily grown in lust with her. It had slowly dawned on him over the last month that perhaps more than just the physical attraction captivated him. How much more and exactly what that more consisted of he didn’t know and unfortunately couldn’t allow himself the indulgence of finding out. At least not until he had his life straightened out and could once again do as he pleased.

He leaned forward slightly, inhaling deeply to take in the scent of her perfume. Is that a new fragrance you’re wearing?

"Yes. It’s called Surrender To Passion. Her eyes sparkled, and her tone took on a teasing quality. Do you like it?"

He lowered his voice to a husky whisper. Sounds like words to live by. He tilted his head to one side and raised a questioning eyebrow. Is that the philosophy you follow?

The heat of embarrassment spread across Shasta’s face, a flush she knew tinged her cheeks a vibrant pink. Without a doubt, the man had the sexiest smile and voice she had ever encountered. And his eyes…they weren’t just blue. They were the most incredible shade of turquoise. She had never seen eyes that color. They fit perfectly with his sandy blond hair, handsomely chiseled features, broad shoulders and athletic build. And when you put it all together, it added up to the most desirable and sexy man she had ever met.

She forced a calm to the surge of sexual tension and heated need that spoke to her whenever she saw him. Spoke to her? What an understatement. It required a concentrated effort to keep from leaping across the counter, ripping off his clothes and indulging the numerous fantasies that flooded her mind whenever she thought about Dane Wingate.

She counted out two hundred dollars, then smiled as he picked up the bills. Is there anything else I can do for you today, Mr. Wingate? Anything…anything at all. And I do mean anything.

How many times do I need to tell you? It’s Dane. And in answer to your question, a sly grin tugged at the corners of his mouth, I’m sure there’s several things you could do for me. He glanced at his watch. A bit of a scowl wrinkled across his forehead. Oops, I didn’t realize it was so late. I barely made it here before closing time. I’m definitely behind schedule.

A hint of disappointment squelched her mounting desires and ongoing hope every time he came into the bank. Would this be the day he asked her out? Perhaps an elegant dinner followed by a very special dessert. Have a nice weekend, Mr. Wingate…I mean, Dane.

You, too, Shasta. He winked at her again as he pocketed the cash, then headed for the front door. He glanced back and gave her a parting smile before leaving the bank.

She watched his retreating form for a moment. The dampness seeped into the crotch of her panties, and her nipples tightened against her lacy bra. Just the sight of Dane Wingate left her horny as hell. She had fantasized on more than one occasion about his naked body and the marvelous things she would like to do to it. And then there were all the exciting things he could do for her.

But beneath the heated desires that consumed her whenever she saw him buzzed an undercurrent wanting to know the real person behind the sexy grin and smooth voice—the man himself. What type of books did he read? What kind of movies did he like? What type of music did he listen to? Did he have any brothers or sisters? Had he ever been married? She wanted to know everything about him.

The only thing she knew was the information on his account at the bank—thirty-two years old and not currently married. A hint of a frown crossed her forehead. At least she assumed he was single. He didn’t wear a wedding ring, and his was the only signature on the account.

She took a calming breath, glanced at the clock and watched as the branch manager locked the door, signaling the close of business. She hurried to balance her cash drawer, then drove straight home.

After retrieving her mail from the front porch mailbox, she sorted through the envelopes as she walked down the hall to her bedroom. Tomorrow was her thirtieth birthday. On one hand, she looked forward to the party the girls at the bank had planned for tomorrow night. On the other hand, it seemed to her that thirty should be some kind of a milestone signifying some sort of life accomplishment.

She had a good job as head teller at the bank and was in line for promotion to assistant branch manager. But her personal life remained steeped in a daily routine that lacked the type of excitement and spontaneity she longed for. She couldn’t even find an exciting lover to occupy her time with earth shattering hot sex, let alone the loving committed relationship she wanted.

She had been engaged briefly during her senior year of college, more as something she thought she was supposed to do rather than true love. Fortunately, she had discovered in time that her fiancé only wanted someone to bask adoringly in his glory rather than an independent woman with thoughts and an identity of her own. It had turned out to be a disaster she didn’t want to repeat.

Even though she still secretly yearned for a lifetime commitment with that one very special man, she had adopted the outer appearance of a dedicated career woman on her way up the ladder of success. Her vibrator offered more satisfaction than her most recent attempt at a relationship and had proven vastly more dependable.

After stripping down to just her panties, she pulled on her favorite old worn jeans and a cotton T-shirt. Her best friend, Gillian, was bringing the pizza and a movie while she provided the bottle of wine. Just another quiet night at home. She pursed her lips in a moment of contemplation. There had been too many quiet nights at home lately.

Somewhere in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, there had to be a sexy man who had eyes only for her, a man who would respect her independence and could make a commitment to a lifetime relationship. Someone with a sense of humor. Someone who could carry on an intelligent conversation on a variety of topics. A caring and compassionate man she could give her heart to and know he would treat it with respect and tenderness.

And when the lights were turned down low, a man who could fuck her into a state of blissful exhaustion.

A heavy sigh of resignation escaped into the air. Was she doomed to continue on the present course? The strong career woman who spent lonely nights at home? The doorbell interrupted her moment of reflection.

Surprise! A chorus of voices greeted her when she opened the door. Her genuine laughter followed a moment of stunned silence. She stepped aside to admit her female co-workers from the bank, each one carrying a birthday present. Gillian and Trudy had boxes of pizza and several bottles of chilled champagne.

Shasta shook her head as she beamed at her friend. I can’t believe this, Gillian. You had me completely fooled.

That was the plan. The best way to pull off a surprise party is to make you think there’s a party planned for the next night. We’ve got food and drink, although I’m not too sure if pizza and champagne really go together.

Champagne goes with everything, Trudy called from the kitchen as she set the pizza boxes on the counter.

And we have another surprise for later, Gillian added.

Another surprise? Shasta cocked her head to one side. What is it? She couldn’t stop the grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. Come on, tell me. Don’t leave me in suspense!

A knowing smile spread across Gillian’s face. No, no, no. Then it wouldn’t be a surprise. I can only say you’ll definitely love it.

Gillian opened bottles of champagne and filled glasses while Trudy dished up the pizza. Music filled the house, competing with the voices and laughter for control of the noise level. As the hour grew later, Gillian called for everyone’s attention.

It’s time for the birthday girl to open her presents. Shasta sat in the chair indicated by Gillian as the presents were stacked on the table next to her. Giggles and laughter filled the room as she unwrapped one risqué gift after another until each present had been opened and passed around for everyone to see.

A warm sensation flowed through Shasta, a combination of champagne and good fun. I see the presents have a definite theme. I can honestly say I haven’t seen such an interesting collection of naughtiness anywhere other than a catalogue featuring adult toys and sexy lingerie. Thank you one and all. She tried unsuccessfully to suppress a grin. I hope to put all of them to good use.

Appreciative laughter greeted her comment as she quickly ran her gaze over the various items again. Crotchless panties, clip-on nipple rings, massage oils, chocolate body paint, edible thong underwear with a different flavor for each day of the week, three different types of vibrators, including a vibrating butt plug, Ben-Wa balls, a deck of Kama Sutra playing cards and a book of erotic photographs.

Several enticing images flashed through her mind. Dane’s head between her legs as he nibbled at the cinnamon-flavored thong, a vision so real she could almost feel his warm breath on the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Dane reclining on her bed while she painted his erection with the chocolate body paint, then slowly licked it off. She pictured herself sitting astride his body, his cock buried deep inside her pussy with the nipple rings teasing his lips when she rocked forward. Her breathing quickened to match the throbbing need coursing through her veins.

Gillian’s ringing cell phone brought Shasta’s attention back to reality. She attempted to bring her raging hormones under control by taking another sip of champagne, but it didn’t help.

Gillian quickly disconnected from the call. Can I have everyone’s attention? I know some of you have to work tomorrow morning, but we have one final surprise for our birthday girl before the evening comes to a close. Standing on the porch right now is the hottest male stripper in Seattle who has stopped by to give Shasta a very special birthday present. Ladies… She nodded to Trudy who opened the front door. I give you the one and only, the Macho Marauder in the flesh. And what delicious looking flesh it is, too.

Six-feet one-inch of tanned skin covering hard muscle stepped through the door and into the living room. Dark, shoulder-length hair framed a face hidden behind a mask. Tight black pants hugged his long legs, stretched across a perfectly rounded ass and accentuated an impressive bulge at his crotch. Broad shoulders and the hard planes of a bare chest supported the flowing black cape. The entire package oozed pure sex. Orgasmic electricity crackled in the air.

He glanced around the room at the assembled women, each wearing a look of anticipation. Then his gaze fell on Shasta.

She didn’t know which shock was greater, the one she felt or the one she saw in his eyes. The dark hair didn’t belong, but there was no mistaking those mesmerizing turquoise eyes and that devastatingly sexy smile. Her fantasies paled in comparison to the reality that dominated her living room in the person of Dane Wingate.

Shasta forced herself up from the chair, slightly unsteady on her feet from a combination of champagne and shock. She held out her hand toward him. Now, this is the type of birthday present a girl can truly appreciate. It’s a pleasure to meet you…Mr. Macho Marauder.

He took her hand and brought it to his lips, then he reached into the pocket of his cape and produced a rose. After giving a courtly bow, he handed it to her. "A lovely flower for a very lovely lady."

Thank you. She felt more like a tongue-tied school girl than a sophisticated career woman. Her entire body tingled with anticipation. Her nipples hardened into taut buds of arousal and pushed against the soft fabric of her T-shirt.

Gillian turned on the pre-arranged music, and the Macho Marauder went into his act. With a dramatic flip of his wrist, he twirled the cape from his body and let it drop to the floor.

Shasta managed to stifle her gasp. Not even in her wildest fantasies had she visualized such a perfect body cloaked in an overwhelming sexual aura. Each pelvic thrust reached out to her, beckoning her to get out of the chair and join him.

She squirmed uncomfortably as she fought the pull of his magnetic presence. Her pussy muscles clenched when his black leather pants disappeared in a flourish. Hard muscled thighs, an intriguing tattoo and a black leather thong that barely held an impressive cock in place. The nearly naked man gyrating in time to the music had her heart pounding with the same rhythm.

Forcing her attention away from his body, she made eye contact with him. His gaze remained riveted on her, the glow of passion simmering in the depth of his eyes. It felt as if he truly danced only for her, oblivious to everyone and everything else in the room.

She couldn’t break the mesmerizing hold he had on her. The only thing she seemed to have under her control, at least for the moment, was her ability to remain in her chair. And that became more difficult with each passing second.

The bumps and grinds, the near nakedness in a room of panting women, did not bother Dane. He had become nearly oblivious to a sea of hard nipples in the audience. He had etched out a comfort zone that allowed him to perform without getting physically aroused. Being turned on to the point of ending up with an erection was not a problem for him the way it was for some of the other male strippers at the club. At least that’s the way it had been until tonight.

To his dismay, the control he prided himself on had slipped away. When he had been hired for a private performance at a birthday party, it had never occurred to him that Shasta Brooks would be the recipient of his attentions. She looked adorable in her faded jeans, T-shirt and bare feet, so different from the properly tailored business clothes she wore at work. And the more he watched her—the excitement covering her face, her nipples puckered against her T-shirt, the soft fabric caressing her full breasts—the more turned on he became.

If he didn’t wrap up his performance in the next minute or two, he ran the risk of his cock wiggling its way out of his thong and leaping toward her. And the last thing he wanted to do was embarrass Shasta. He forced his gaze away from her, taking a minute to glance around the room. Performing had never turned him on the way he was at that moment.

He couldn’t

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