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The Best Book On Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Jobs - Lisa Sun

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The Top 3 Things You Need To Take From This Book

This book is meant to be a How to guide to the Goldman Sachs application process.

Beyond the logistics of the recruitment, application and interview processes, it will also describe the reasons you’d want to work for Goldman Sachs, walk you through the relevant preparatory research you should do, as well as give you the gist of what an internship and analyst position at Goldman Sachs entails on a day-to-day basis.

Besides the nuts and bolts of the process itself, the hope is that it will also provide you with unique, strategic and actionable tips that you’ll need to successfully navigate the application process in a stream-lined, easy-to-read format.

If you read this book and come away with only 3 things, I hope you come away with these 3 things.

Focus your energy and make wise investments. Courting a new relationship, be it romantic, business or otherwise, takes an investment of time and energy. As you read this book, be aware that the advice is there to show you how to most efficiently navigate the interview process, but it’s up to you to invest the time and energy to nourish those relationships.

Be honest, open, and genuine… and communicate it. Again, relationships require effective communication to grow. If your intentions are pure, and your words and deeds are rooted in authenticity, you’ll foster the conditions necessary for the relationship to blossom. Think of it this way: Goldman Sachs not only wants people they can trust, they want people who will, in turn, inspire trust from their clients! Transparency inspires trust.

Build relationships. Show Goldman Sachs a lot of love. Arrive to presentations early, and stay late. Talk to the Human Resources representatives. Attend every dinner, diversity event, division and region-specific event that you can fit into your already busy schedule. A company likes to see familiar faces, so become a familiar face. As you get to know the company better, they’ll get to know you better. Again, you’re building familiarity and trust, and demonstrating your commitment.

You may have noticed the common thread binding these, and you may have noticed that none of them have to do with finance. That’s because, although, yes, quantitative and technical skills are an important aspect of what you’ll work on at Goldman Sachs, they won’t be the sole criterion that decide whether or not you’re accepted during the application process.

The financial, the technical and the quantitative may be what led you to read this book, and it may be why you’re applying, but how you’ll get accepted necessitates an ability to communicate those reasons effectively to other people.

Thus, it’s essential that you’re able to integrate those skills in such a way that you’re able to effectively and logically convey them. This is vital to the application process. Attending networking events, interviews and, later on, working in an office environment, will all require forming relationships. If you read on, you’ll notice how these thematic threads continue to surface, even within the technical aspects of the application process!

It may sound cliché, but knowing yourself is just as important as knowing the finance world. Goldman Sachs wants to know why and how you’ve integrated the technical knowledge into your personal passions, interests and goals.

In short, be energetic, genuine and committed, and be able to communicate those personal qualities in a specific and cohesive manner. If you’re expressing your respect and attraction for Goldman Sachs, you’ll be developing the characteristics of an attractive candidate in the process!


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