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Beyond Amazon, eBay and Etsy: free and low cost alternative marketplaces, shopping cart solutions and e-commerce storefronts

Beyond Amazon, eBay and Etsy: free and low cost alternative marketplaces, shopping cart solutions and e-commerce storefronts

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Beyond Amazon, eBay and Etsy: free and low cost alternative marketplaces, shopping cart solutions and e-commerce storefronts

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Nov 24, 2013


Designed for authors, artists, crafters, collectors and smaller scale sellers looking for alternatives to the big three and a simple way to sell their items without having to jump through policy hoops or get fleeced by fees. Think outside the big box and explore the best free and inexpensive platforms, storefronts, tools and e-commerce options. With marketplace reviews, advice, comparisons, advantages and disadvantages to each tool and platform, whether you are looking for a standalone web store or to add e-commerce elements or a shopping cart feature to your existing website, this inexpensive but info packed eBook is a great place to start your journey beyond eBay, Etsy and Amazon and discover the other options out there.

Nov 24, 2013

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Beyond Amazon, eBay and Etsy - Hillary DePiano

Beyond Amazon, eBay and Etsy

free and low cost alternative marketplaces, shopping cart solutions and e-commerce storefronts


Hillary DePiano

Copyright page

Beyond Amazon, eBay and Etsy

Hillary DePiano

Copyright 2011 by Hillary DePiano

Smashwords Edition

Original Text Copyright 2011, Revised Edition Copyright 2013 by Hillary DePiano

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

For additional permissions contact the author at

ISBN: 9781105180651

Table of Contents

Title Page

Copyright Page

Table of Contents


Your brand, your space.

Amazon, eBay and Etsy




Advantages and Disadvantages of the Big Three

What are our alternatives?

Beyond the internet

Message boards other fan communities

E-commerce alternatives

Mobile and Social Selling

Other Marketplaces


Full Featured Webstore Packages

Wait. What about Vendio webstores?

Adding a store or shopping cart to your existing website

Open Source e-commerce software

Shopping cart widgets



The final word is yours

About Hillary DePiano


Let me lay it out for you: I started selling online way back in March of 1997. I’ve seen hundreds of platforms and tools come and go and I’ve given them all a try. Over the course of this long decade and a half, I’ve sold a wide variety of things including my own original products, collectibles, consignment items for others and electronic goods.

From the gym to the grocery store, the post office to parties, friends are always pulling me aside and asking me for advice. It usually goes something like this: They want to start selling some of their crafts/books/collectibles/etc online but don't know where to start. Would I recommend Amazon? eBay? Etsy? Or maybe they’ve tried this or that site already but feel restricted by policy changes or frustrated with fees. And sometimes they think about selling directly from their own website but they don’t really know HTML and that just seems so intimidating. Or too much work. Or a waste when all they want to sell is a few little items. And it’s expensive, right?

Look, they say, I trust you. Please, just tell me what I should do.

My answer is this eBook. This is what I would recommend to a friend who trusts my judgment and I wanted to share it with you. It's only my opinion, but with a decade and a half of selling experience on a variety of platforms, I can assure you that it is at least an informed opinion.

Before we begin, let me stress the most important thing: There is no perfect option out there. Your selling situation is unique and the best option for your business may not be the best for anyone else. That said, my goal is to provide you with a variety of very good options so that you’re making an educated decision as you figure out what best fits your needs.

With online and mobile sales at an all time high, there is an absolute glut of options available for selling what you have. But this eBook isn't designed for the power selling retail giant with hundreds of sales a day because, if you're already doing that kind of sales volume, you don't need my help. This has been written with the following audience in mind:

the hobbyist with sporadic items to sell

the independent artist or crafter looking to sell their services, commissions, physical or digital art

the independent author looking to sell physical books, eBooks, or signed copies

any seller looking to sell the occasional items or consistently sell a few items without being shackled to a single platform or its fees or policies

All of the following options are ideally suited for someone with

a continuously changing inventory with different items every time

a consistent inventory of a few items at a large quantity

The problem with most of the advice out there is that it assumes you're looking to become the next great retail force and ignores the fact that many sellers are simply selling items on the side or as a small part of a larger business (such as a career as a writer or artist). This misplaced focus can lead to tools and services that are overpriced and over-complicated. My hope is to be able to direct you specifically to the marketplaces and e-commerce options that fit your needs with a focus on simple and inexpensive solutions.

But there is a real beauty to the fact that this is an eBook. This is an industry in motion with new tools and innovations out daily and I can make changes and update this book at anytime. Notice something incorrect or out of date? Please don't hesitate to contact me ( with suggestions, corrections or marketplaces and tools that you think I should add. You’ll get the updated version in your hands as soon as it’s available at no extra charge, no matter how many times I revise the book.

OK, enough chit chat. Let’s

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