IELTS Essay Booster: One-Stop Destination for The Writing Module!


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IELTS Essay Booster: One-Stop Destination for The Writing Module!

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-This groundbreaking book for IELTS Essay Preparation is a Complete IELTS Writing Preparation Book. A substantial amount of time and research has been directed towards bringing out this book that delves deeper into chasing the practical challenges of writing tasks and serves as a significant milestone in the course of IELTS preparation. It can prove to be of paramount help to the IELTS aspirants.

- The essay topics have been selected after an extensive research and hence the book has shaped up to be a comprehensive collection of commonly asked IELTS writing topics, which means that there is a high likelihood that you get a topic from this book in your real IELTS exam. It can be said that it is a perfect essay preparation book for IELTS.

- The language is kept such that one gets loaded with lots of ideas and vocabulary on particular IELTS essay topics. To-the-point essays with a highly effective use of language makes this book a book that people at all levels can follow.

- Much focus is laid on English enhancement. Common confusables in the IELTS essays where students tend to make mistakes have also been listed separately with meanings and use in the sentences.

- A writing style and pattern that aligns with the IELTS writing criteria has been incorporated.

- Tips from the authors are valuable and would help the students to know the DOs and DON’Ts of IELTS essay writing.

- During the book writing process, the authors have taken instant feedback from students at diverse levels of English fluency to check the difficulty level and understanding of the essays to make it more effective.

- The book has been acknowledged well by the experts/critical readers and institutions where the samples were provided. This all makes it a MUST-BUY book for all those who are looking forward to some brilliant essay writing stuff to help themselves crack their IELTS.

- As there is a lot of commonness in IELTS and TOEFL essays, the book will also be useful to TOEFL students.

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