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Taking Back Parenting: How to Give Your Children What They Need to Succeed in Life

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You Are the Parent. Now It's Time to Take Back the Reins.Is the relationship you have with your child slipping through your grasp? Do your child's behaviors seem out of your control? Are you unhappy with the way you behave as a parent? Have you tried every piece of parenting advice only to feel even closer to failure? Have you thought about giving up and letting others take your parenting reins? As a licensed clinical social worker in private practice, Barbara C. Murray has helped hundreds of parents resolve the issues causing discord and chaos in their families. Now, in Taking Back Parenting, she will teach you how to: -Have meaningful, productive, and safe conversations about healthy, human sexuality-Help your children identify pornography, unhealthy relationships, sexual abuse, and know what to do when they encounter them-Recognize the importance of gender-Teach problem solving, social and life skills, and how to set healthy boundaries-Empower yourself and your spouse/partner/ex to work as a parenting team-Build confidence in your own talents and abilities to pass down to your childrenIf you are unhappy with how parenting is working out for you, don't wait another minute. Let Taking Back Parenting be the beginning of peace, growth, and success for you and your children. It's time to change the world for the better through your parenting.

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