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Amazon Summer

Amazon Summer

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Amazon Summer

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Jun 9, 2014


The second collection of stories set in the Queendom of Maadre a.k.a. Amazons Country. "Amazons' Men" shows the men themselves – public men or slaves, but still human. "Uncommon Amazons" shows how men can be treated very differently by two sisters. "The Queen's Son" is another uncommon man with a rebellious mind... An extract of "Books of the Immortals – Water" introduces the reader to Keira the Amazon.

Jun 9, 2014

Über den Autor

Barbara G.Tarn had an intense life in the Middle Ages that stuck to her through the centuries. She prefers swords to guns, long gowns to mini-skirts, and even though she buried the warrior woman, she deplores the death of knights in shining chainmail. She likes to think her condo apartment is a medieval castle, unfortunately lacking a dungeon to throw noisy neighbors and naughty colleagues in. Also known as the Lady with the Unicorns, these days she prefers to add a touch of fantasy to all her stories, past and present – when she’s not wandering on her fantasy world of Silvery Earth or in her science fantasy Star Minds Universe. She dabbles into historical fantasy with her Vampires Through the Centuries series and has started post-apocalyptic/steampunk series called Future Earth Chronicles.She’s a writer, sometimes artist, mostly a world-creator and story-teller. Two of her stories received an Honorable Mention at the Writers of the Future contest. One of her stories has been published in Pulphouse Magazine #5 (March 2019). She writes, draws, ignores her day job and blogs.

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Amazon Summer - Barbara G.Tarn

Amazon Summer

by Barbara G. Tarn


Barbara G.Tarn copyright © 2014

cover art by Cristina Fabris

electronic edition by Unicorn Productions

June 2014


Amazons' Men

Are you feeling better, Moreno?

Darya's still beautiful face looked worried even if Moreno was dazed by the drug he'd taken for the pain from the ugly gash Tigrotto had given him.

Yes, he managed to say, touching the bandage on his torso where the blade had cut him.

Darya put a hand over his face to close his eyes.

Rest some more, she said. I'm taking you out of Elaine to recover.

Moreno dozed off, wondering why so much hatred and jealousy. And where did Tigrotto find the knife? Probably stole it in the kitchen, but he wasn't supposed to go there...

Moreno dreamed of his comfortable room, and the women visiting him. He was a Public Man and he enjoyed entertaining them. His mistress, Darya, wasn't so young anymore, but she was motherly to all the boys and young men working for her.

When he awoke again, his mind was clear. The wound still itched, but it wasn't too bad. Darya brought him a tray of food and told him he'd probably have a scar, but Tigrotto had been punished and sold off.

He's really like a tiger, and I couldn't trust him anymore. I mean, he tried to kill you, but what if he hurt a woman as well? she said.

Instant death, he thought. He probably wouldn't hurt a woman, though.

He was just jealous, he said, thoughtful.

Why, because you're better than him? Darya snorted. He should have tried to learn from you!

He wanted to be your best man.

And he failed. And hurt you. So he paid for it. Now forget him. I'm taking you to my sister's for a few days.

His eyes widened in surprise. But who will take care of your customers? he asked. Had she already bought new men to fill in for Tigrotto and himself?

There's still enough men, Darya answered with a shrug. Florina told me she saw nice men at her aunt's, so I might find a replacement while you heal.

He nodded. When will we leave?

Tomorrow morning. Aryana lives in the country one day of journey by cart. You'll see, it's peaceful. You'll come back like new.

But with a scar. Not that he cared – it wasn't a disfiguring gash on his face – but the thought of Tigrotto's hateful expression still made him sick. He was just doing his job, obeying their mistress's orders, why was Tigrotto so mad at him? Because the younger women preferred raven-haired Moreno to blond Tigrotto?

As if it were my fault. They tell me I'm handsome – and they enjoy sleeping with me. I give them healthy babies and they keep coming back. But then, he'd always been quieter than wild Tigrotto. Maybe women were scared by the blond young man's blunt manners.

Moreno was twenty-five and had never been rebellious like Tigrotto. He accepted his destiny and made the best of it. He was always smiling and kind and honestly interested in whoever visited him, even if she could be his mother. He always did his best to please the woman, and by now he had enough experience to figure out what they liked the most even the first time they requested him, so he had many returning customers.

Elaine wasn't a very big town, and Darya's was one of the two Public Houses available. Moreno had gone from the local Boys' House to Darya's and wasn't interested in becoming a dancer of the Goddess. Life at the Temple seemed dull compared to the Public House.

The next morning, Moreno wore his Modesty Cloth before exiting the rectangular two-story building and climbing onto a cart with Darya, who wore a sleeveless tunic and a big straw hat to protect her face from the sun.

Stay covered, she suggested with a smile. Or you'll get sunburned.

Moreno was hot under the Modesty Cloth, but he kept it anyway. His sandaled feet were bright red when they reached Aryana's farm, though.

Now you know why my skin is not as fair as yours, Darya said with a chuckle. I'm used to going out in the sun.

I am not allowed to go out in the sun uncovered, he reminded her with a sigh.

You can, here, she said, stopping the cart in front of the house's door.

Moreno was glad to be able to take a better look at his surroundings. The lace of the Cloth didn't really allow sightseeing. Aryana's farm was made of low buildings, the tallest being the granary. Fields surrounded the homestead, but the green of a forest loomed on the right of the main house which was bigger than the others and had a first floor.

Darya got off the cart and was welcomed by Aryana, who was her younger copy.

Come in, dinner is ready!

Moreno hissed when his feet touched the ground. The sandals hurt like hell on the reddened skin.

Oh, poor boy! Aryana smiled. Come in, I have a very good ointment for sunburn.

He obeyed and entered the cool house, sitting on a stool and taking off the sandals as soon as he could in a corner of the main room that probably used half of the house ground floor. Two doors led probably to the kitchen and the bedrooms.

Aryana is very good with herbs, Darya assured him. I'm sure she'll have something for your wound as well.

Aryana's house had a table with benches and the whole household gathered around it for the meals. Being introduced to ten people at the same time confused Moreno who couldn't remember one name by the end of dinner.

His shyness in the new, unfamiliar environment meant he kept quiet and observed the extended family until his discomfort was too strong and he begged Darya to retire to sleep.

Aryana accompanied them to a bedroom on the first floor, giving him the ointment for his feet and checking his wound.

There are good healers in Elaine, she said, satisfied. But tomorrow I'll give you a potion and a special cream. In the meantime, sweet dreams!

She waved good-bye to her sister while Moreno massaged his feet with the ointment. Darya watched him, then smiled when he was done.

Get some sleep, Moreno, she said, caressing his cheek. Tomorrow I'll show you around.

I can't wear my sandals and I can't walk barefooted, he grumbled lying down. I probably won't see much tomorrow.

Take it easy, Moreno. Good night.

He closed his eyes with a sigh and soon was asleep.


It took him a couple of days to be able to leave the house. Darya took him for a walk in the nearby forest, where the leaves protected them from the sun. Moreno looked around with curiosity, listening to unknown bird songs and admiring the natural architecture surrounding him.

They reached a waterfall with a small pond that took his breath away. Darya had no garden in her town house and the little clearing looked so inviting that Moreno rushed to feel the water.

Can I bathe? he asked, excited.

The water might be a tad too cold for that, it comes from the mountains, Darya replied, amused.

Oh. Moreno stared disappointed at the clear water at his feet. He drank some of it and it was indeed cold. He sighed and settled on the rock he was crouched on, looking around and listening to the gurgling waterfall.

This place is very peaceful, he said at last. How come you live in town and your sister in the country?

Darya shrugged. Choices, I guess. Having a farm is a lot of hard work.

But the food tastes different here! he enthused. I mean, the bread – and the butter, they're different from what he have in Elaine!

It's fresher. Darya smiled. And Aryana adds herbs to everything – it gives food a different taste.

Moreno nodded, thoughtful. I'm glad the men don't wear the Modesty Cloth to work in the fields.

Darya chuckled. It would be quite impractical! It's more a town habit, where there are more people and it's easier to have trouble.

What do you mean? he looked at her, puzzled.

I mean, if you wandered half-naked in the streets of Elaine like you're doing here, you'd create a riot, my gorgeous Moreno, she leaned to whisper in his ear, her hand gliding on his bared chest.

He grinned. What's wrong with city women, then?

Darya pulled back with a sigh. They do less manual work, get bored more easily and love to bicker over men. There's no Public House here, as you've seen – although there's a public room for whoever wants to have sex.

So I've heard. He nodded. But I haven't been there, the wound still itches and I'm a little worried of what will happen when I... um... will go back to work.

Don't worry, I'll make sure you're fully functional before we go back, she assured him, patting his thigh.

He took her hand and brushed her fingers with his lips. Thank you, my lady. You spoil me.

You're the best man of my House, she replied. And I'm very fond of you. If I were younger, I'd probably claim you as Favorite. But I don't want to tie you to someone who could be your mother.

You are not my mother and I'm very happy to work for you, he said. If I could choose between you and your daughters, I'd rather take your wisdom and experience over their youth.

She chuckled. If you're this smooth with all the customers, I'm not surprised they keep coming back! Let's go back to Aryana's, it's getting late...

She patted his leg once more and rose. He obediently followed her out of the forest and into the farm. He felt very lucky.


Darya and Moreno were heading back to Elaine by a different route when someone crossed the forest road in front of them, soon followed by four mounted Huntresses in hot pursuit. Darya stopped the cart and Moreno pulled up his Modesty Cloth to listen to the sounds of

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