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Fearsome Devils

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Action, adventure, and magic await you in Woods of Edir Volume 1: Fearsome Devils

Edir is a forest hidden away, behind seas, and mountains, and valleys. It exists in solitude simply because it has yet to be discovered. It exists that way also because the denizens of the forest would never leave and be cut off from their precious Joon.

In order to understand, you must first know what Joon is. The best that you may see in your lifetime is a glimpse of magic. Magicians and sorcerers reach into a void and bring back a bit of magic in their hands, but all creatures in Edir have hearts that beat in tune with the magic of the forest. We all have a special connection to the Joon.

The woods breed life. Life powers the mills of Joon. Behind what you can see in the forest is where the magic comes from. Life, death, rebirth, and a person’s will all feed into an ethereal mill that produces Joon. The creatures of the forest channel this energy to release their magical influence onto things around them.

Of all the creatures in the forest, only one resembles you. Not a perfect match, though. The Children of Edir are the keepers of its balance. The Children are the only creatures in Edir born with free will. That is because the mills of Joon need this balance, and only those with the will to preserve it can do so.

Coming soon, Timeless: Woods of Edir. A fantasy role playing game.

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