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The Love Book (Journal Series)

The Love Book (Journal Series)

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The Love Book (Journal Series)

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May 15, 2014


Do you want love more than you’re afraid of it?

What if I tell you that your soulmate is about to knock on your door? Are you ready to receive this amazing person into your life?

If you have the desire to be with a soulmate, love and marriage is not only possible, it’s your destiny. The main reason you don’t have big love in your life yet is because you haven’t been ready to receive it. If you believe deep down that you’re not worthy of love, guess what? You manifest your own reality. But you can take back control of the direction of your love life, and it’s easier than you think.

Part One of this book will shed light on what’s been holding you back, providing journal writing and meditation exercises to remove any blockages you may have. You might have to dig up some old pain, fears and insecurities in order to release them, but it’s worth making the space in your heart to welcome in love.

In Part Two, we’ll get to the fun stuff—letting your soulmate in! You’ll get to create your dream relationship, make a vision board, learn to keep your love vibration high, make a bucket list of all the things you want to do with your soulmate once you are together, and more.

Author and relationship expert Elizabeth N. Doyd has written a book based on her twenty years of spiritual studies and eleven years of helping others find love with her soulmate secrets. “The Love Book”  includes plenty of journal writing exercises because journaling is an effective technique used by psychologists, psychiatrists and other coaches. When you lay down your deepest, toughest feelings in writing, you can examine your internal mechanisms to make the necessary changes.

If you do this powerful work, you won’t be projecting your insecurities, fears and other personal issues onto your partner. You won’t make your soulmate the sole purpose of existence.

This book is not just about how to find your soulmate. It’s also bout discovering yourself, what you want and uncovering your purpose in life. When you’re whole and complete, you won’t exude the energy of neediness and decency that is so counterproductive in attracting love. Law of attraction applies to love too; like attracts like, and when you exude love, you get love!

This book is not for you if you’re looking for flirting and seduction techniques. Instead it’s about reframing your negative beliefs and thinking patterns, and making inner shifts in order to attract long-lasting fulfillment and true soulmate love. There’s a focus on spiritual thinking, but without association with any particular religion.

Topics Include:
♥ Clarifying your intention for love
♥ How to recognize your soulmate
♥ Releasing past lovers and past pain
♥ How to survive the holidays single
♥ Finding your own life purpose
♥ How to be your best self
♥ Making your home welcoming for your soulmate
♥ How to raise your vibration and send out Heart Energy
♥ How to make a vision board to manifest your dream life faster
♥ When to take action and when to relax
♥ How to deal with rejection and jealousy
♥ The higher purpose of romantic love
♥ ...and much more

It’s time to attract the love of your life. Read the book and start doing the inner work to manifest your soulmate into your reality.

May 15, 2014

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The Love Book (Journal Series) - Elizabeth N. Doyd

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