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Mobile App Growth Hacks: Developer Interviews iOS 8


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Mobile App Growth Hacks: Developer Interviews iOS 8

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About Mobile App Growth Hacks: Interview Book
We interviewed developers from around the world while conducting market research for Mobile App Growth Hacks. It was an amazing experience! Take a moment and check out their inspiring stories and learn from their collective wisdom.

About Mobile App Growth Hacks

In today’s crowded App Store, creating exposure and marketing their app is the biggest challenge small developers and companies face. The number one reason for failure of an app is improper and ineffective marketing. Apple recently unveiled their new iOS 8 operating system, which powers the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. So how do you create exposure for your app, and build your brand in today’s App Store?
When it comes to marketing a mobile app, many people tend to think of things like writing press releases, running ads, pitching to bloggers, and so on. These things fall into the realm of traditional marketing. Traditional Marketing is expensive, time
consuming, and in most cases completely ineffective. Unless your marketing budget reaches into the hundreds of thousands, and you have a full time staff implementing your marketing plans, traditional marketing won’t take you very far.
And the biggest problem with traditional marketing, is that it often neglects one of the most important facts of App Marketing:
Your app is the most powerful marketing tool that you possess.

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