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Rapunzel - The True Story (True Fairy Tale Stories?, #2)

Rapunzel - The True Story (True Fairy Tale Stories?, #2)

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Rapunzel - The True Story (True Fairy Tale Stories?, #2)

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Jul 6, 2014


This is the second of B.D. Knight's true fairy tales. The first was The True Story of Snow White.

The original story of Rapunzel in Grimm's Fairy Tales was not a very long story and it left a lot of unanswered questions.

Knight had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek as he spins the heck out of this tale.

As you read make a note in the back of your mind because little things you may miss add to the story. Hint: Note the name of Rapunzel's father and see if you tie that in to another fairy tale later in the story.

Questions also arise and some are answered and some might keep you wondering.

How did Rapunzel get in the tower in the first place?
What happens to Prince Charming?
Who actually rescues Rapunzel?
After Rapunzel is rescued what happens to the witch who kidnapped her and pretended to be her mother?
Why did Rapunzel come to terms with being stuck in the tower?
What did the lights in the sky on her birthday mean?

Inquiring readers want to know.

Be prepared to roll your eyes as you enjoy this story. It's a short but entertain fairy tale. You finally get to learn the true story of Rapunzel.

Wait a minute. Isn't Rapunzel a fairy tale? :-)

Jul 6, 2014

Über den Autor

I write books for middle grade and young adults. They range from scary to spun fairy tales and more.  Most of the stories, including the scary ones, are basically fantasy tales. YOu need to have an open mind when you read them. :-) That's one of the reasons I enjoy writing for the younger audience. I really think it's also why many adults are reading these types of books. To escape reality.

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Rapunzel - The True Story (True Fairy Tale Stories?, #2) - B.D. Knight

Rapunzel – The True Story

True Fairy Tales?

B.D. Knight

Copyright © 2014 by B.D. Knight

All rights reserved worldwide.

No part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed, or given away in any form without the prior written consent of the author/publisher or the terms relayed to you herein.

This book is fictional. Any resemblance to any living or dead person is coincidental. I hope I didn’t hurt the feelings of any fairy tale characters when writing this.

I know the title says the true story but come on. Fairy tales are fictional. We all know that.

Or do we?

Table of Contents

















B.D. Knight’s Notes


I want a baby, said Mabel.

She and her husband had wanted a child for a long time but it was looking like it wasn’t in the cards. Her husband threw his hands in the air.

Do you have to keep nagging me? I know you want a baby. I want a son too but it’s not happening.

It doesn’t seem fair that the little old lady living in that stupid old shoe has so many kids and we can’t even have one.

Well she doesn’t seem to know what to do with all those kids so why don’t we just see if we can take one off her hands?

I already asked her and she kicked me out of her shoe.

Then there’s nothing we can do but keep trying.

She could see that look consume his face.

Wanta try now?

No, Jonah. It’s daylight.

Yeah well unless we start making more attempts we ain’t never gonna have no baby.

She shook her head. Her husband’s English was embarrassing when they went out so it was probably a good thing they hardly ever left the house. She stared at the garden next door. She leaned forward.

Jonah, there’s an odd looking flower in the witch’s garden. Take a look.

Jonah moped across the room and leaned his head out the window.

I don’t see nothing.

Look. Those long stem flowers. They look purplish.

You mean those weeds?

She slapped his arm.

They don’t look like weeds. They’re beautiful.

Whatever. Who cares anyway? They belong to that witch so you’re never gonna have any.

You could slip over there tonight and pick me some.

Jonah banged his head on the window when he bolted upright.

Bite your tongue, woman. I’m not going over there. You trying to get me killed or turned into a frog or something?

I’d really like to have some of those flowers.

Yeah well I’d really like to have something else and I have as much chance of getting it right now as you have of getting those flowers.

She knew how to get him to do anything for him. She might be old but all her parts worked just fine, thank you very much. She batted her eyelashes and did her best pouting act.

"I would imagine if you were to promise to bring me some of those flowers tonight I could take care of your needs

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