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Free Throw

Free Throw

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Free Throw

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May 24, 2013


Since Derek is the tallest kid on his basketball team, his coach decides to have him play center instead of Jason. Derek thinks this is a lucky break, until Jason stops passing the ball to him.
May 24, 2013

Über den Autor

Who is Jake Maddox? Athlete, author, world-traveler – or all three? He has surfed in Hawaii, scuba-dived in Australia, and climbed the mountains of Peru and Alaska. His books range from the most popular team sports to outdoor activities to survival adventures and even to auto racing. His exploits have inspired numerous writers to walk in his footsteps – literally! Each of his stories is stamped with teamwork, fair play, and a strong sense of self-worth and discipline. Always a team-player, Maddox realizes it takes more than one man (or woman) to create a book good enough for a young reader. He hopes the lessons learned on the court, field, or arena and the champion sprinter pace of his books can motivate kids to become better athletes and lifelong readers.

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Free Throw - Jake Maddox

Chapter 1


Derek watched as people came into the gym and sat on the bleachers. The fans for his team, the Hornets, sat on one side, and the visiting team’s fans from Renner sat on the other. I can’t wait for the season to start! he thought. Last year Jason was center, but I’m taller than he is now, so Coach changed the roster.

Coach Taylor called the team over. Derek, I want you to do the tip-off.

Okay, Coach, said Derek.

But, Coach, said Jason. I always do the tip-off!

Derek is taller than you this year, said Coach Taylor. That’s why I made him the center and moved you to forward.

But he’s never done it before, said Jason.

I’m sure Derek can do it, said Coach. Then he looked at each member of the team. I’m sure you can all do your job. This is the first game of the season for the Hampton Hornets, he said. I know you’ll make me proud.

Derek, Jason, and the other players put their hands into the circle. Coach Taylor put his hand on top. Everyone shouted, Go, Hornets!

Derek walked out to center court and waited for the referee to start the game.

Jason walked up to Derek. You think you’re so great, he said.

What? said Derek.

You think you’re better than I am, said Jason, but you’re not.

I never said that!

"I’ll show you who’s great and

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