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Stars that Fall to Earth: And Other Science-Fiction Tales of the Macabre, the Humoresque, and the Human

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This present volume of eight stories and three novellas has characters that instantly grab the imagination and moves forward without mincing words. And most of all, this work stands as unique even in its genre of the fantastic, as each tale relates original narratives of unpredictable intrigue. They are unique for their whimsy and wit, and also for the author’s old device of injecting poetry into science-fiction.

The Descent of the Synaesthete
Whatever Happened to Mickey and Rose?
Quant. Suff.
The Certified Public Accountant
Beyond the Couch
The Caffeine Man
The Android Dilemma
The Holy Mountain

The Stars are Rigged: The Sirius Paradox
Stars that Fall to Earth
Under an Ashen Sky, part one: The Next Day
Part two: The Almond Tree
Part three: Dread at the Coming of Babylon
Part four: The Ineffable Sky

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