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Grain-Free Family Favorites: 70+ paleo recipes everyone will love

Grain-Free Family Favorites: 70+ paleo recipes everyone will love

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Grain-Free Family Favorites: 70+ paleo recipes everyone will love

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Jul 9, 2014


Recipes that are easy, out-of-this-world delicious, and paleo-friendly? Absolutely! Written by popular blogger Heather Resler of Cook It Up Paleo, Grain-Free Family Favorites is packed with real food recipes even non-paleo eaters will love! You can bring the dishes to potlucks and parties, serve them to company, or make them for your family to show them that paleo food is amazing! With picky-eater approved recipes like Banana Bread Pancakes, Savory Dilled Crackers, Batter Rolls, Bacon-Wrapped Steaks, and Chocolate Thumbprint Macaroons, your family will always be nourished, fed, and happy!

70+ paleo-approved recipes
Tips for transitioning a family to paleo
Tips for eating paleo on a budget
Full-color photos of every recipe
Quick dinner recipes
Lunchbox-friendly recipes
Desserts so delicious you won't believe they're paleo!

About The Author: Heather is a teenage paleo nutrition nerd and enthusiastic chef. She is the brain behind the blog Cook It Up Paleo. She believes that real food is not only healthy, but delicious, and that cooking is not only essential for good health, but a fun way to express creativity.

Jul 9, 2014

Über den Autor

I'm a teenage nutrition nerd with a passion for real food cooking. I love to create new, delicious, paleo recipes to share, and I also love to photograph food. I have been paleo for three years, and I hope to become a paleo-oriented dietitian.

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Grain-Free Family Favorites - Heather Resler



Mom, you're my primary taste-tester and you've believed in this project from start to finish. Thank you for the hours you spent editing and your undying support. I love you.

Dad, you've been the driving force behind me, pushing me on even when it seems as though everything is going to fail. Thank you for showing me how to follow through. I love you.

Clint and Julia, you've been my guinea pigs for new recipes, and you've always been my friends and supporters. Thank you.

Grandma and Grandpa R., thank you for reading my blog from its very beginning, for always supporting me, and for testing so many of my recipes. I love you.

Grandma and Grandpap, thank you for reading my blog, testing recipes, and always being there to support me. Though you're far away, I hold you close in my heart.

Aunt Coral, without you all the pictures in this book would be left-justified. Thank you so much for your help. I love you.

Aunt Katherine, thank you for trying so many of my recipes, reading my blog, and always supporting me. I love you.

Aunt Dana, you've been such an amazing recipe tester! I can't thank you enough; this book would have been delayed even more without your help. Thank you.

Auntie Tania, a.k.a. my entrepreneur friend, that day when you bought me lunch and we had our own little mastermind session was amazing. Thank you for your support. You're going to be a star!

My beautiful and amazing friends: Thank you for your undying friendship and support.

To anyone who's ever read my blog, commented, followed me on social media, etc.: My blog would be nothing without you.

My Journey to Healthy Eating

I've always prided myself on my balanced eating habits, even as a young child. I was addicted to carbs; so much so that my grandparents called me the potato girl after my affinity for potatoes. I was famous for my obsessive two bowls of dry cereal breakfasts and my huge plate of rice (with beans for protein) lunches. I could easily eat half a watermelon or 12 ears of corn in one sitting.

Whole-wheat spaghetti, low-fat salad dressing, whole grain bread, and soybean oil spreads were staples in our house. My mom learned to cook when she got married, and she faithfully made our family of five homemade meals each night. We were all fit and considered healthy, save for a few nagging ailments like my intermittent migraines and my sister's stomach pain.

Until our world came crashing down with my mom's breast cancer diagnosis. As treatment ensued, my mom was dazed; she didn't understand how she could eat healthy, exercise, and still get cancer. She spent hours reading the research trying to get the bottom of this healthy living thing by going straight to the source. She ended up stumbling upon Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions. We started soaking our grains and using more butter.

One night I was bored and started reading the sidebars in Nourishing Traditions. I was instantly fascinated by the seemingly rebellious notion that fat isn't fattening at all, and I was eager to soak up the nutritional information about real food. It was as if something inside of me, long sleeping, had been awakened. I obsessively read the majority of the book, and then Mom bought some paleo cookbooks. Once I had spent months geeking out on the science of this lifestyle, I was all in. I went totally paleo when I was 14, and I haven't looked back. Fast-forward three years, I am a diagnosed celiac, but I am migraine-free and healthy. My sister is pain-free, my mom is cancer-free thanks to treatment, and my family is mostly paleo and gluten-free.

We'll never know why my mom got cancer in the first place, but her diagnosis launched us on an amazing journey of healthy living. I'm still a nutrition nerd, and I hope to become a registered dietitian so I can help people fix their diet and be healthy.

To me, paleo isn't about weight loss, it's not about yes/no foods, and it's not about whether or not chia/flax/yogurt/[insert random food here] is paleo or not. It's about health and that is it. I want to feel my best and show others that they can, too; through eating and cooking real, whole, delicious foods. I'm glad you've decided to join me on my journey.

In health,

Heather Resler

Picky Family to Paleo Family: A Few Tips for the Transition

Many families don't eat healthfully because they worry about the picky eaters' reaction to health foods. My family used to be picky with a capital 'P'. Gradually my mom and I have been able to introduce new foods to the family dinners, and everyone eats a fairly balanced diet. But if we had put heart stew with roasted asparagus on the table three years ago, there would have been backlash. Here are my top tips for transitioning to paleo:

Cook foods in different ways

Mushy steamed broccoli is yucky to even the most seasoned of vegetable eaters, but roasted broccoli with garlic is delicious even to my teenage brother. Another example is my Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, which my family fights over

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