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Giants At Play: Finding Wisdom, Courage, And Acceptance To Encounter Your Destiny


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Giants At Play: Finding Wisdom, Courage, And Acceptance To Encounter Your Destiny

Länge: 228 Seiten48 Minuten


A wise woman named Bertice Berry once said, “When you walk with purpose you collide with destiny.” With this in mind, Giants At Play is the opposite of a safety manual, it is rather a dangerous guide to ensure such collisions not only take place but frequent the life of the reader. Part I, “Giants At Play”, is about learning to recognize and courageously encounter the many and ever-accessible giants that passionately live and play among us. In this sense, “giants” can be anything that awakens you to your greatness, destiny, or the unlimited potential that is your life. Ideas, art, mentors, epic novels, movies, philosophies, relationships, spiritual teachers, inventions, meditations, stories, nature, sex, music, gods, and goddesses all flood this world with their magical movements in order to somehow catch our eye and catapult our hearts onto a journey into the sky. In this way, like fireworks our lives bring magnificence, brilliance, and awe to all those within sight.
Part II, “A Cure For The Bitter Bones”, is meant to be an ecstasy-inducing elixir for any who’ve grown old, tired, or rigid, having skinned their chin or elbows while participating in the hard game of life. Considering life’s massive let downs and the extreme patience required for the achievement of our goals, self-mastery, and the fulfillment of our destiny, it is a small wonder that we would need such medicinal strong drink for the journey we face. My hope is that together, these two concepts of courageously learning to play among “Giants” and frequently ingesting “A Cure For The Bitter Bones” would help you to find wisdom, courage, and acceptance to encounter your destiny.

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“Giants At Play is a wonderful playground for the mind. Each poem transports you to another world: A place of empowerment, beauty, optimism, sensuality, fantasy, and limitless possibilities. As I read each poem again and again, my enjoyment increases and it's meaning deepens. I am gently guided back into the meditative bliss I felt as a child when I would open my window and breathe the summer night air as my mind wandered while gazing up at the stars. Dust off the cobwebs of your imagination and prepare to unlock the limitless possibilities and confident ability you felt as a child. You will believe you can fly again!” ~ Emily Wolfer, (Kansas City, MO)

“Curtis Jones is a modern day Hafiz—creative, engaging, and inspiring. He will touch your soul: a poet who speaks to your highest self, leads you to love, and teaches you to treasure what is good, true, and beautiful.” ~ Josh Kalsbeek (San José, CA)

“Curtis Jones’ Giants At Play is a breath of fresh air. Filled with thought-provoking quotes and eloquent poetry, the reader is moved to examine life inside out. Transitioning from inspiration to declaration, Curtis Jones was able to entertain the idea that life was meant to be lived and not just witnessed.” ~ Solomon Lee (Buena Park, CA)

“Sometimes we forget that even the simplest of words can link together to radiate an idea, a feeling so complex and so genuinely real. It spurs us on to think and feel more profoundly, wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. Giants At Play is precisely this, a thrust into the depths of ourselves and the encouragement to embrace it.” ~ Bianca Anjuli Villegas (West Palm Beach, FL)

“Reading through Giants At Play is like turning the knob on a gumball machine. You know you will receive a piece of the sweet candy inside, but which one will it be? A moving lyric? A poetic picture? A word of wisdom? Curtis Tyrone Jones has paid attention to the world, engaged it as it engaged him, and now shares the richness of his experience with his brothers and sisters. Giants At Play encourages us and dares us to be encouraged.” ~ David Augustus, (Wilmington, NC)

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