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Jake Bowers Versus The Firebird

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“You know the stories that your ancestors tell, about supernatural-type abilities? These powers are manifesting themselves in their descendants.”

Twelve-year-old Jake Bowers is severely frustrated when he finds out that his favorite uncle, the one man that has the ability to help him learn to "fit-in" at Junior High, is being deployed thousands of miles away to the US Army's conflict in Kazhiristan. Things look up though when a stranger gives him an ancient carpet that can fly. Jake is introduced into a world in which legends are reality. A world in which Jake can communicate with a rug, dreaming of future events is commonplace, and becoming invisible is a fun way to pass the time. Life in Junior High just got amazing - until strange cyborg-scorpions begin to follow him, and Uncle Mark gets kidnapped by the supposed owner of his carpet. Jake and his friends employ the help of other carpet riders, riders who are really upset that Jake has the ability to fly. The kids have to learn to work together as they attempt a daring rescue mission, and Jake tries to prove to everyone why he, of all people, is destined to be the Rider of the Carpet of Legend.

See what parents are saying about Jake Bowers Versus the Firebird -

"This is one of those rare books that has appeal for boys, girls, and adults. There is a little bit of everything--suspense, adventure,history, and humor. My 11-yr. old son and I both loved it!" Cydnee F.

"What was amazing about this book is that we read it as a family. We have five kids, (ranging from ages 7-18) and they were all mesmerized by the book as we read it, and they all loved it. That's unusual!" Chris C.

"It's nice to see my son reading again, and now he's picking up other books!" Barbara R.

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