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Jul 22, 2014


Brandon Kasting was running with the wrong crowd when he reluctantly attended a Christian summer camp. There he was introduced to the sport of archery, he grew to love horses, and he learned more about Jesus. Sensing that Brandon had changed over the summer, his friends started bullying him for being smart, expressing a new love for horses and archery, and his growing Christian faith. He soon found Christian friends and partnered with his beautiful horse, Choctaw, to combine his love for horses and archery into something beautiful to watch, stunning those who had made fun of him. His superb horsemanship and his willingness to love even those who taunted him, eventually gained their respect and acceptance. Through exposure to other Christians and youth fellowship, he changed from being a stubborn, hateful son and brother, to a Christian with love in his heart for everyone, including those who bullied him.

Jul 22, 2014

Über den Autor


Choctaw - Connie Squiers


Connie Squiers

Copyright 2014 Connie Squiers

Smashwords Edition

Cover Photo thanks to the Delorme Ranch in Robsart, Saskatchewan, Canada for the use of a photo of their beautiful,

and now deceased, paint stallion, Mr. Parteebuilt.


This book is dedicated with love to my sons Austin and Daniel.

A special thanks to my sister, Janice Hopkins, and my friends Ron Watson, Ronda Cooper, and June Whitman for their time in reading this book before publication.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Questions for Discussion

Chapter 1

Mommy, Mommy, come look at the horsey. It has different colors on it. Why?"

Four year old Jessica wanted to know why about everything she saw, and seeing this horse was no exception.

Her mom answered, Jessie, it was born that way. That’s how God made it.

Why was it born that way?

She grabbed her daughter’s hand, Come on, we’ve got to meet your dad for lunch in twenty minutes.


Her mom just shook her head.

Brandon looked down at his little sister. She could be such a bother . . . she certainly bothered him. Before she was born he was the only child and always the center of attention. Now, they paid so much attention to Jessie that he always felt left out. Under his breath he said, Who wants to look at stupid old horses anyway? He hung back and shuffled his feet as his mom dragged his sister to their car and he thought to himself, They probably wouldn’t even notice if I didn’t get in the car and drive off without me.

His mom looked back as she opened the car door, Brandon, hurry up. We’re going to be late. She had already finished buckling Jessie in her seat by the time he opened his car door and slowly got in.

At lunch Jessica was still excited about the horse she had seen. Mom and Dad laughed at her and didn’t even notice Brandon wasn’t laughing along with them.

At school the next day he asked his best friend, Joel, if his parents ever ignored him. Joel answered, Well, I guess so, but I like it that way. You and I are twelve now and we’ve got better things to do than to hang with grown ups. Do you want to go skateboarding later?

Brandon answered, I busted up my board last week when I tried to jump into that culvert. I have a broken truck and haven’t replaced it yet.

Tough luck, Brandon. Robbie and I are going skating, so I guess I won’t see you after school.

Brandon responded, Bye, and trudged to class wondering what he was going to do this afternoon. He was tired of video games, and besides, he was restricted to only two hours a day because his parents said it wasn’t good for him to be on his computer that long, unless he was doing homework.

At dinner his mom asked, Brandon, you only have a week of school left. Do you have any plans for the summer?

Just hanging out with friends and probably going down to the lake.

His mom proudly informed him, Your dad and I have been discussing your summer vacation and we decided to sign you up for two weeks of summer camp.

There was dead silence.

His mom continued, Doesn’t that sound like fun? You’ll have plenty of things to do there, plus you’ll meet new people.

Brandon pushed his chair away from the table, excused himself, and went to his room. There he lay down on his bed and curled up around his pillow. He thought to himself, They’re just trying to get rid of me so they can spend more time with Jessica. Camp . . . away from all my friends. What fun would that be?

He rolled over, looked at the ceiling, and mumbled, Why did they have to have another kid? Wasn’t I enough? I was eight years old when she was born. Jealousy burned through him as he turned over and punched his pillow.

School was out and Brandon was set to leave for camp in a week. When Joel found out he was going to camp he told him it sounded really lame and Brandon agreed. He remembered things he and his friends had done other summers and that’s what he wanted to do now ... not go to some dumb old camp.

Brandon’s mom and dad were concerned their son seemed depressed about the prospect of going to camp, so they prayed about it. Father God, we love Brandon so much and want only good things for him, just like You want good things for us. Please soften his heart towards camp and bring good Christian friends to him while he’s there. Make him realize the activities provided at camp give him new opportunities for fun, fellowship, and learning new things with others. We ask this in Your precious name, Amen.

The next week, Brandon slept in, played video games, and was no help at all to his mom. He didn’t even help her pack his clothes for camp, because he didn’t want to go. But the day came and the family drove him to Agape Christian Camp, dropping him off with words of encouragement. Brandon, I know you don’t think so now, but you’re going to have a great time and we’re excited for you. Write when you get a chance. His mom reached over and pulled him close for a big hug, Remember we love you. Bye.

He mumbled under his breath, Yeah right, then turned and walked toward the camp office.

Chapter 2

Almost immediately, kids came up to him and introduced themselves. They told him the camp rules and all about the wonderful activities they hoped he would join in. When they left, he slouched and drug his backpack to the bunkhouse the camp director had assigned him.

That evening he noticed a couple of kids he knew from his school. He hadn’t been friends with them, but their faces were familiar so he plodded over to see them and introduced himself.

After dinner they all gathered around a big bonfire and sang Christian praise songs. Brandon knew most of the words, but he didn’t sing along. He was determined to be unhappy and it showed.

Once back at the bunkhouse, he met one of his bunk mates. Gordon was excited about the upcoming two weeks and didn’t let Brandon’s dour mood dampen his enthusiasm. He talked about wanting to go swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, and riding horses. When horses were mentioned, Brandon thought about his sister and the horse they had seen a few weeks before. He wasn’t going to have anything at all to do with horses while he was here, that was for sure.

The next day the weather was gorgeous and the kids split off into different groups to participate in activities they thought would be fun. Brandon was surprised because he actually enjoyed being with some of the kids. He especially liked swimming because he was a good swimmer and could do a terrific cannonball. Those taking lessons were very impressed that his splash shot out of the pool and could soak kids standing fifteen feet away. He also liked learning about archery. It turned out he was a pretty good shot with a bow and arrow, and a few of his new friends complimented him by asking him how long he’d been shooting.

On day three the kids in his cabin were scheduled to meet at the stable to learn about horses and to ride one. He balked, but went along only to watch because there was nothing else going on he wanted to do. Though he was reluctant to admit it, he found that horses were pretty interesting animals. They were big, very strong, and they would go where they were led, or where their riders wanted them to go.

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