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Spirit's Legacy

Spirit's Legacy

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Spirit's Legacy

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Jul 22, 2014


Sandi and her son Billy left Little Rock, Arkansas to a live on a ranch in Pecos, New Mexico. They had inherited the ranch from an uncle she had only seen a few times in her life.. In Pecos Billy discovered he had a deep love for horses. A magnificent race horse named Magnum, had been running wild in the mountains of Northeastern New Mexico since being frightened by a terrible stable fire at a racetrack in Ruidoso, New Mexico. In the book, Magnum is captured and finally taught by a horse whisperer to accept man again. A foal (Spirit) born on the ranch was found to be Magnum's offspring and circumstances led Billy to run him in a match race against a foal sired by Magnum's former rival. Though they have trials, Billy and Sandi find comfort in God's love and friends they meet along the way, especially in a ranch hand named Jake.

Jul 22, 2014

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Spirit's Legacy - Connie Squiers

Spirit’s Legacy

Connie Squiers

Spirit’s Legacy

Connie Squiers

Copyright 2013 Connie Squiers

Smashwords Edition


This book is dedicated to my two sons, Billy Austin Stalnaker and Daniel Scott Squiers

I want to thank my sister, Janice Hopkins, and my friend, Ronda Cooper, for keeping me on track.








Chapter 8

Chapter 9







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Th-thump, th-thump, th-thump . . . Mom, what’s that noise? It makes me think something’s wrong with our truck.

The road’s not that great here, son. Those thumps are grooves in the concrete. She looked over at him, I thought you were reading.

Not with all that racket. Hey, how many miles to New Mexico and tell me again why we have to go there?

Billy, I’ve told you many times, my Uncle Samuel died and left us his property and that’s where we’re going to live.

He whined, Why do we have to move there though? Can’t we just sell it and get a house in Little Rock?

The attorney told me the trust said I have to live on the place for two years or the ranch will be taken away from us. Owning a house and some acreage free and clear is something I couldn’t turn down. And since the school year just ended, it’s a great time to move.

Can my friends visit us?

Of course they can, but it’s pretty far away from Arkansas. I’m not sure their parents would be willing to drive to New Mexico just so your friends can visit you.

Tell me again why we are dragging this old horse trailer. In his trust, Uncle Samuel left us two horses. I figured at some point we would need a horse trailer, so I bought one someone wanted to sell. It’s less expensive to haul our things in this old trailer than it is to rent a UHaul and drag our truck. Besides, when the move is over we’ll still have the trailer. We’ve been over this before, now try to take a nap. It’ll make the time go faster.

Sandi Alexander looked over at her son as he snuggled up against the truck door with his pillow. She knew it would only be a few minutes before he fell asleep. She wished her trip could be so easy.

She glanced over at him sleeping and remembered how Billy’s dad had left when her son was only two months old. They hadn’t heard from him since. Three years later she quit hoping he’d come back and filed for a divorce, because he’d deserted them and she had no idea where he lived. It had been hard, but between her church helping her, and the jobs she was able to find, they had survived.

After adjusting her sunglasses she let her mind wander back to when she received the letter from her uncle’s attorney, notifying her of her inheritance. It didn’t seem like it had only been two weeks ago. She’d been shocked because she had barely known Uncle Samuel. In fact, she remembered seeing him only twice in her life, and that was many years ago. Once she understood she had to move to New Mexico in order to claim what he left her, she took the decision to God. Father God, what a surprise this has been. It’s laid a life-changing decision in my lap and I’m not equipped to make it, so I put it before You. Only You know the choice I should make. You know the details and the outcome of whichever path I travel. Sandi shook her head and continued, I can’t believe I may be moving when I don’t even know what is in the trust. Please give me peace if You want me and my son to make this move. I thank You that I can bring my problems and decisions to You and be assured of the best possible outcome if I follow Your leading. Amen.

She knew Billy hadn’t wanted to move away from his friends, and she had just quit two good part-time jobs in Little Rock. Wow, that was a step of faith. She hoped the inheritance from Uncle Samuel would allow her to work only one job so she could spend more time with her son.

Billy stirred, Mom, I’ve been thinking about those two horses. I wonder what color they are and if they’ll let me ride them.

I don’t know what color they are. In fact, I don’t know anything about them. So, do you think you’ll be interested in the horses when you get to New Mexico? You’ve never even had a pet.

Of course I will, if I can ride them. If they’re old and only plod along, maybe not.

Go back to sleep, Sweetheart, we still have a ways to go.

Half way through Oklahoma on I-40, Billy woke up and declared he was bored. Let’s play a game, Mom. How about Slug Bug?

What’s that? his mom asked.

When one of us sees a Volkswagen he calls out ‘slug-bug’ and slugs the other person in the arm.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Nope, but don’t worry, I won’t hit hard. Just enough to show I won. He smiled, Of course you might win, too.

For the next hour they played the game, but unfortunately there weren’t many Volkswagens on the road so it got boring. Billy challenged his mom, Now it’s your turn to chose a game or something we can look for.

She thought for a minute and said, I know, we’re almost to New Mexico, so the first person who sees a New Mexico license plate wins

Do we get to slug each other if we see one?

No, but we’ll know we’re getting closer to the end of the trip. They looked for the license plates for half an hour before Billy complained he hadn’t seen even one New Mexico plate. When they pulled into a station to gas up their truck, he shouted, There’s one and it has some writing on it! What does Land of Enchantment mean?

I suppose we’ll know in a few hours, but if I had to guess I would say there are lots of unusual things to see in New Mexico. The internet says the state has a place noted for its white sand the color of snow, there are very deep caves to explore, the mountains are pretty and people can ski there in the winter. It has deep canyons, the creeks and rivers are full of fish, and it has a great deal of Indian history . . . like ruins and things. I’d say the state has much to offer, wouldn’t you?"

I guess. Are we going to live near Indian ruins? Maybe. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Twenty-five miles from Pecos, Sandi nudged her son, who was now reading a comic book. Keep your eyes open, we’re almost to your new home.

He put his comic down and looked out the window. After traveling through the flat land in Oklahoma and West Texas he was impressed by the rolling hills and the mountains in the distance. Wow! he whooped. Are we going to live near mountains and cowboys, too?"

His mom responded, I suppose there’ll be some cowboys . . . but isn’t it nice here? A little different from Arkansas, isn’t it?

I’ll say. I’m going to call my friends tonight and tell them we live in the old West and there are real mountains here. I bet they’ll want to come visit.

He saw the Pecos sign first and read it to his mom, Village of Pecos, New Mexico, Population 1,534. Gosh, Mom, that’s not very many people.

It’s not, but it might turn out to be a very special place for us.

It was late afternoon when they rolled into Pecos, but early enough to stop at Uncle Samuel’s attorney’s office. They needed a copy of the trust and papers showing they had the right to stay on the property left to them. They also needed directions to the place, and keys to the house.

The attorney was just locking his door to go home when they pulled up. Sandi jumped out of her truck and called to him, Mr. Jacobson, hold up a minute. I’m Sandi Alexander and I need to talk with you.

He recognized the name and flashed her a big smile. I didn’t think you’d get here until tomorrow. Welcome to Pecos, such as it is. A bit of a culture shock from Little Rock, but we’re friendly. He unlocked the door, turned on the lights, and asked them to follow him back to his office.

He reached for a folder on his desk. "Everything you need is in this folder, including the keys to the place. Oh, there

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