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Buying & Selling on EBay: Fall 2014 Update

Buying & Selling on EBay: Fall 2014 Update

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Buying & Selling on EBay: Fall 2014 Update

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Aug 27, 2014


Many changes have been instituted in eBay policies through Fall 2014. This book will discuss these new changes in detail, figure out what they are and how these changes affect both buyers and sellers on eBay. Topics covered include the new eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, effective September 15, 2014, other methods of obtaining buyer resolution, using Basic and Advance Search functions, the new Seller Performance Standards and its four performance categories, how to avoid falling into the Below Standard Rating, eBay’s new 50 or 100 free listings policy, Global Shipping Program, how to create effective listings on eBay, setting return policies and processing returns from buyers, subscribing to eBay Stores, and the pitfalls of drop shipping on eBay. Additionally, the book will discuss the legal and tax ramifications of selling on eBay. The book is an invaluable, timely resource to both buyers and sellers on eBay. The book is up to date as of August 25, 2014.

Aug 27, 2014

Über den Autor

Calling himself a "literary chameleon," Antony W.F. Chow is an experimental writer who enjoys the intellectual challenge of writing in a wide variety of genres. His latest book is a platonic, Christian romance novel titled "My Date With Eric (A Sweet Romance Novel)."He is a longtime resident in the hometown of the New York Mets MLB team. He is best known for his online article on spotting counterfeit Japanese anime figures. He is also known as the author of Broken Hearted: A 9/11 Story, available for PC, Mac, and Linux. An unauthorized webcomic version is available on Google Play.

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Buying & Selling on EBay - Antony W.F. Chow

Buying & Selling on eBay:

Fall 2014 Update

By Antony W.F. Chow

UPDATED: August 25, 2014

Smashwords Edition. Copyright (c) 2014 by Antony W.F. Chow, all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without prior written permission of the author. Book cover by Sid Ceaser, based on stock image ID 13872734, Fall Leaves, copyrighted (c) 2014 by Photka. Image used under Royalty Free license. Ebook formatting by Jesse Gordon.




Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Finding Items on eBay

Chapter 3 Other Buying Tools

Chapter 4 EBay Bucks Rewards Program

Chapter 5 EBay's Money Back Guarantee

Chapter 6 PayPal Purchase Protection

Chapter 7 Chargeback

Chapter 8 Preorders


Chapter 9 Introduction

Chapter 10 EBay's New Seller Performance Standards

Chapter 11 Transaction Defect Rate

Chapter 12 Independent Confirmation of Shipment and Delivery

Chapter 13 Cases Closed without Seller Resolution

Chapter 14 Number and Value of Transactions

Chapter 15 Effective Listing on EBay

Chapter 16 Returns

Chapter 17 Seller Fees

Chapter 18 Payments

Chapter 19 EBay Global Shipping Program

Chapter 20 EBay Stores

Chapter 21 Drop Shipping

Chapter 22 Other Considerations For Sellers


Chapter 23 Introduction

Chapter 24 Tax Responsibilities of Non-Business Sellers

Chapter 25 Tax Responsibilities of Business Sellers

Chapter 26 Legal Responsibilities of Sellers

About the Author


EBay is a dynamic, global marketplace that brings together consumers and retailers from all over the world. The company's policies are ever changing to meet the needs of both the company, as a publicly traded corporation listed on NASDAQ, and members who buy and sell on eBay. This book is written from the perspective of the individual consumer and the small retailer, and thus split into two parts to provide a fuller discussion of each.

Many changes have been instituted in eBay policies through Fall 2014, and the purpose of this book is to discuss these changes in detail, figure out what they are and how these changes affect both buyers and sellers on eBay. For buyers, special attention is paid toward eBay's Money Back Guarantee, including the new changes that will be effective on September 15, 2014. For sellers, the discussion will primarily focus on the newly adopted eBay Seller Performance Standards, in effect as of August 20, 2014, and how to avoid falling into the Below Standard rating. The book will discuss changes in eBay's free listings policy and the Global Shipping Program, and also provide sellers with useful tips on creating effective listings on eBay. Additionally, the book will discuss the legal and tax ramifications of selling on eBay in Part 3 of the book.

DISCLAIMER: Although every attempt is made to keep the following material current, eBay changes its policies constantly and therefore some of the material may not be fully applicable after the publication of this book. The material is current as of the date of the last update. Additionally, state and federal regulations may be enacted that change the legal and tax obligations of an online seller. Thus, the reader with a legal or tax issue regarding eBay is strongly urged to consult a local legal or tax professional.



Chapter 1 Introduction

EBay makes it easy to sign up for a member account and buy items on eBay. However, all members of eBay are subject to eBay's User Agreement, which provides guidance on user activity on eBay's website as both buyer and seller. Please refer to the eBay User Agreement article in the Help Center, available at:

The eBay member has a number of responsibilities as a buyer. He has the responsibility to honor his bids in auction style listings, and purchases from buy-it-now listings. He should make payment in a timely manner through eBay Checkout. During checkout process, the buyer should confirm that the listed shipping address is correct, and the total payment reflects the item price and the shipping costs if applicable. Once the item arrives in the mail, the buyer should confirm that he received the item that he paid for, and that it arrived in a timely fashion. The buyer should provide feedback on the transaction, so that other members could decide whether the seller is trustworthy to purchase from or not.

In addition to familiarity with the eBay user agreement, the member should review the update Announcement posed on August 12, 2014 that highlights changes to the eBay user agreement. The announcement is available at:

The key changes to the user agreement include the following: a) a reminder that eBay's content and other user generated content may not be used without permission; b) listings may be deleted if contents of the listings are found to be in violation of eBay policies; c) purchases on non-eBay sites are subject to user agreement of those websites in regard to such purchases; d) listings may be translated to other languages; e) eBay may record or monitor telephone calls between members and eBay's agents and staff; f) if hassle-free return is offered by the seller, eBay may add the cost of return shipping label to the seller's monthly invoice; g) for listings where no international shipping option is listed, eBay's default is to provide shipping through its Global Shipping Program; h) sellers are responsible for return shipping on items not as described or faulty under the Money Back Guarantee program; and i) recognition by eBay that disputes between a member and eBay may be asserted in small claims court if applicable or binding arbitration if not.

Chapter 2 Finding Items on eBay

The secret to eBay's success, from a buyer's perspective, is the ability to find whatever item the consumer is looking for. As a global marketplace, eBay draws sellers from all over the world, and they place listings for items that vary from ordinary and new, to used, rare, and unique. Another way to view this is that if an item is available for sale anywhere in the world, there's a very good chance it is available on eBay. However, the caveat is that the consumer shouldn't expect to find a listing for something like the original Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, unless it's a fake of course. On the other hand, a commodity, mass produced item, could probably be found on eBay, even if the item has been long out of production.

In order to find what the consumer wants to buy, the search function has to be top-notch and eBay's search function qualifies as such. EBay continually refines

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