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A Sudden Yes

A Sudden Yes

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A Sudden Yes

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Sep 19, 2014


Kansas 1885 - Lucy Haid has had an increasingly difficult life. She’d been dreaming of running away for years when a young farmer offers to take her to his remote home. She figures the man only wants a wife to cook and care for his house, but at least he seems kind and honest about it. Lucy jumps at the chance to escape. Even a dull life would be better than the threat looming before her. But her new husband is full of surprises. Is there a chance he’ll actually live up to her fantasies?

Sep 19, 2014

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A Sudden Yes - Charlotte Thorpe

A Sudden Yes

a novella

Charlotte Thorpe

Copyright 2014 Charlotte Thorpe

All rights reserved. Before Someday Publishing

Smashwords Edition

A Sudden Yes is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, events, etc are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

~~ ~~

Kansas 1885

Miss Mary made the best blackberry jam. If Justus Baker had come to town for blackberry jam, he’d consider the trip a success. He’d come for something a bit more important though. The town was small and Justus was fairly certain he’d ruled out the few right-aged women in and around it. Or they had ruled him out. At a sudden burst of unseasonably warm weather – which meant snow was unlikely to slow him down – he’d packed up his belongings and settled his bill with Miss Mary, who ran the boardinghouse where he’d spent most of the winter.

It was only the first week of March and he could afford to stay the rest of the month. It seemed prudent to save the money for a future visit. If he met someone now, it was doubtful he’d convince her to wed before he needed to get back to his farm.

Miss Mary was nowhere to be seen this morning as he finished his breakfast. The biscuits and jam were left on the table and Justus wondered if the woman was avoiding the farewell. She’d gotten rather emotional when he told her he was leaving early. He hollered a goodbye at the front door in case his hostess was hiding somewhere in the house.

Silence was his response but only for a few moments before a terrible clattering sound echoed through the house. An unusually tall, gray-haired woman appeared and threw her arms around him. Justus Baker, she said as she released him, do you have those extra biscuits I packed for your lunch?

Yes, ma’am.

And you’re sure the seams on that coat are sound?

Finer stitching I’ve never seen, he said. Thanks again for fixing it up for me.

Miss Mary held a handkerchief in one hand and fanned her face with it as though she might be able to dry the tears before they fell. And you won’t be forgetting your promise now?

She’d made him promise to visit her next time he was in town, even if he didn’t need a place to stay. Don’t you fret about that. He put his hand up to his chest as he spoke. Your kindness, and your cooking, have imprinted on my heart.

Oh, stop with your nonsense, Miss Mary replied, fanning her face even faster. Now you best get. You don’t need an old woman blubbering over you all day.

Justus bid her farewell again and swung his sack over his shoulder before he walked out. She stood on the porch and watched as he headed to the livery. It was going to be three days home with the wagon but he needed it for the supplies for the farm and for the house he’d now be building only for himself.

Once the team was hitched, the only thing that remained was stopping by the parsonage to offer a farewell to Rev. John. He hoped the man wasn’t too put out that Justus was leaving on a Saturday. He didn’t know when the weather might turn again though so he couldn’t afford to stick around for one more sermon. Rev. John loved a good long sermon. Staying for Sunday wouldn’t cost Justus a day’s travel. It would cost him a day and a half.

The parsonage was built onto the back of the church. Justus found Rev. John in front of the building as he pulled up. This alleviated any concerns that he might rouse the man from his bed. He was not alone though. There was a woman sitting on the step next to him. Justus could not identify her because her hands were covering her face. The posture clearly indicated some sort of distress. Justus pulled his horses to a stop but stayed in the seat for fear of intruding on a private matter.

Rev. John waved to him happily and called out, Mr. Baker! What brings you out this early?

I’m starting for home today and wanted to pay a final call. I’ll just be on my way since you already have a visitor.

The parson’s hands stroked his round middle as they found his suspenders. You can’t leave without letting me offer up a prayer for the journey. Come on down.

I won’t interrupt, Justus said. But thank you just the same. I know your prayers will go with me.

The woman stood then and wiped her hands across her cheeks as she did so. Please, sir. You needn’t rush off on my account.

Rev. John jovially motioned Justus to join them. Come on, son. Miss Haid doesn’t need me until her groom gets here anyway.

Justus couldn’t continue to refuse. Though he still felt as though he was intruding, he also felt an overwhelming curiosity about the young Miss Haid. He didn’t recognize her once he saw her face. She was beautiful even

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