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The Silver Horse Switch: Horse Crazy Book 1

The Silver Horse Switch: Horse Crazy Book 1

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The Silver Horse Switch: Horse Crazy Book 1

2.5/5 (4 Bewertungen)
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Nov 18, 2011


Bonnie and Sam are best friends who love horses. They befriend the ponies and horses in their Austrialian townexcept for one, Drover, who used to be wild. All she dreams about is getting back to the mountains to be free. One evening, when a wild, mountain horse—who could be Drover's twin—comes face to face with the cantankerous, corralled Drover, both horses get their chance at a new life. Illustrated with lively watercolor throughout, this endearing tale is a sure hit.
Nov 18, 2011

Über den Autor

Roland Harvey is an award-winning illustrator living in Australia.

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The Silver Horse Switch - Roland Harvey



Bonnie and Sam knew all the horses and ponies in Currawong Creek. They were horse crazy!

Sam’s real name was Samantha. She lived with her dad, Bill, in an old house that overlooked the creek. Bill Cooper was the local policeman.

Bonnie-Bon for short-lived just outside town on a huge farm called Peppermint Plain. Bon’s parents weren’t interested in horses, even though Peppermint Plain was the perfect place for riding. Her mom, Woo, was a painter, always busy in her studio. Her dad, Chester, loved riding around the farm on his motorbike.

But Bonnie and Sam lived for horses.

Bonnie could talk a special horse language that she was sure they understood.

Sam was strong and horsey. She could tell, just by looking at a horse, if it had a stone in its hoof or needed a drink.

Sam’s dog, Pants, followed her everywhere. Pants was short for Smartie Pants, because she thought she knew everything.


Bonnie and Sam didn’t have a horse of their own, but they managed to ride nearly every day.

Their favorite horse was Whale, who belonged to Bon’s Aunty Birdy. Whale was huge. He was long and wide and tall. He was so broad that Bonnie and Sam could sit face-to-face and play poker on his back.

Whale shared his paddock with Bella, a tiny skewbald pony whose mane came down to her knees. When Sam sat on Bella, she could reach the ground with both big toes. Bella had been Bonnie’s first pony, but the girls were far too big to ride her now. Instead, they spent hours grooming her and braiding her mane.

Then there was Biscuit, the most neglected horse in Currawong Creek. Wally Webster, the stock agent, hated horses but he needed poor Biscuit for his stock work. If

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  • (3/5)
    This chapter book is the first in the Horse Crazy series, set in the Australian bush. Best friends Bonnie and Sam love horses, and they ride and care for their family and friend’s horses every day. The only horse that does not seem to like the girls is the , Drover, Sam’s father’s silver horse. Drover bucks them off when they try to ride her. She doesn’t even like the girl’s to pet her mane. One day, a herd a brumbies (wild horses) run near the ranch. One of the brumbies, a silver horse identical to Drover, leaps over the fence right next to Drover. Moments later, Drover, leaps over the fence and joins the brumby herd. The next morning, the girls sense something different in Drover. She seems friendly and she smells different too. The girls notice her cracked hooves and scars on her legs, and they realize that this isn’t Drover. The girls instantly fall in love with this new, friendlier Drover and decide they must find a way to hide the horse switch from Sam’s father. They file down the new Drover’s hooves, they comb her mane and they practice riding her with the saddle. Finally, the day arrives for Sam’s father to ride Drover. The girl’s are nervous, but when Sam’s father mounts the new Drover, he doesn’t seem to notice the difference. The girl’s secret is safe.