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Favorite Fantasies

Favorite Fantasies

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Favorite Fantasies

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19. Sept. 2014


Sheila Donaldson is bored… No, not bored, frustrated. She's spent years married to the same wonderful man, and now Sheila is ready to live out some of her naughtiest fantasies through her own personal sex bucket list. Number one on her list—making her best friend, Melissa, orgasm while her husband watches. Once Sheila admits to Richard that she has always wondered what it would be like to pleasure another woman, it isn’t difficult to get him on board with her plan to spice up their sex life with a little girl-on-girl action, especially once they both realize how much they’ve been missing. Now the hard part…asking Melissa to play along.
19. Sept. 2014

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Favorite Fantasies - Eva Hore


Favorite Fantasies


Eva Hore

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.

Favorite Fantasies

COPYRIGHT © 2014 by Eva Hore

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or The Wild Rose Press, Inc. except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

Contact Information:

Cover Art by Angela Anderson

The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

PO Box 708

Adams Basin, NY 14410-0708

Visit us at

Publishing History

First Scarlet Rose Edition, 2014

Digital ISBN 978-1-62830-534-0

Published in the United States of America


I’d like to acknowledge my editor

Angela Anderson for her patience and

The Wild Rose Press for the opportunity

to publish Favorite Fantasies.

Chapter One

My life had become boring. Well, that wasn’t quite true. It had become monotonous. My husband Richard was a great provider, fantastic father, and a great friend, so much so that some of the fire from our sex life had been lost. It wasn’t his fault; it was just that everything had become so routine.

We’d wake up at the same time every morning, he’d shower, and I’d get the kids ready for school, make breakfast and lunches, and see them all off. The rest of the day I’d wash, clean, shop, and cook. Three days a week, I worked at an accounting office doing data entry; I’m there just punching in numbers.

I’d pick the kids up from school, do their homework with them, we’d eat, they’d bathe, and then go to bed. Next day—same thing. If I wasn’t too tired for sex then Richard was. So here we were in the prime of our lives and nothing exciting was happening.

I had to do something. Had to bring back the spark we’d once had. I must admit that I didn’t feel as sexy as I did when we were younger, but then there were no kids around, no one to worry about except the two of us.

A holiday would be great, but we’d have to take the kids with us. So then it would be just like home and do absolutely nothing to spice up our sex lives.

Melissa and I been friends for a long time and shared most things, so I enlisted her help. We’d discussed my predicament before and Melissa had suggested going to a sex shop, getting some kinky gear, and trying out something new and different.

At first, I’d just laughed her suggestion off, but now I was seriously considering it. I picked up the phone before I could change my mind again.

Melissa took so long to answer that I thought she wasn’t home and almost hung up.

Hey, Sheila, she said, obviously out of breath. I was in the shower. I’m dripping wet, can I call you back?

Sure, I said, hanging up in disappointment.

I sat at the kitchen table drumming my fingers on the tablecloth impatiently. When the phone finally rang, I jumped in surprise.

Melissa, I said hopefully.

Is something wrong? she asked. You sound funny.

No, everything’s fine. You remember a few months ago you suggested going to one of those shops to look at some…some…you know?

Some what? Oh, you mean the sex shop, Melissa laughed. Yeah, what about it?

I think we should, er, you know…could we go? I asked hesitantly.

I could feel my face flush and was thankful Melissa couldn’t see me.

Fantastic, what time shall I pick you up? she said without hesitation.

You mean today.

Sure, why not.

Why not indeed?

Melissa picked me up an hour later. She tooted the horn as the car idled in the driveway.

I’m so proud of you for doing this, she said as I adjusted my seat belt.

Please, don’t you dare ever tell anyone, I pleaded.

Don’t be ridiculous, you’d be surprised at how many people have their own little collection of toys, she said as she reversed the car and headed into the city.

We chatted about what type of products there were and what Melissa thought might be helpful. She was excited about the prospect of seeing what was new and, before long, we’d covered the forty-five-minute drive.

She parked the car just up the road even though there was a spot right out front. I was thankful for her discretion as there were quite a few people out browsing the stores.

I stood hesitantly on the sidewalk outside Just For You. Tinted windows hid the interior, which Melissa had described as an array of goods that would delight, shock, and inspire me.


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