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Dollars From Heaven, Volume II


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Dollars From Heaven, Volume II

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Dollars From Heaven, Volume II is the second book in the Dollars From Heaven Trilogy.

The text of the book discusses and defines the financial mess We The People are in by heavily exposing the banking and government schemes used to separate the consumers from their hard earned money in forms of fees, interest, bank cards and taxes among others.

It is set forth in Volume I that money is the root of all evil. Volume II expands on this and explains the statement in full detail in Parts I and II of the subject.

There are explanations, there are definitions, there are true stories, there are examples within the pages of Volume II that tell the story of the illegal financial schemes being used today by the Governments of the world along with the Bankers of the world.

The Mishandling of Government is Exposed;
Dollars Down The Drain is Discussed;
Exposes how the Government and Banking has Hijacked the Citizen’s Retirement;
Exposes the Destruction of the Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency;
Discusses a Secret Code in Ancient Writings Concerning Investing;
And Much More!

Within the pages of the book are things that the world citizen can do to combat these illegal schemes to save themselves from the financial mess the governments and bankers have placed the citizen within. There are principles that one can follow; there is advice on how to circumvent the illegal procedures; all printed in this book in more than 50,000 words.

To fully understand the procedures and explanations in this book one cannot only read it but must study it in order to place it into some form of action for the reader. When one takes the time and initiative to catch the full content of Volume II a person will be equipped with the information necessary to guard themselves from the evil economic system being practiced today.

By reading Volume I and now Volume II one will see how the monetary system has evolved from the basics of the gold certificate to a sophisticated system that is unparalleled in today’s world societies.

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