Speaking of Stress


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Speaking of Stress

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Stress is something all of us are familiar with, something that we deal with practically every day. It is a feeling which is easier to experience than to describe, a tightness in the chest, a burning or pain in the pit of the stomach, a pounding headache, palpitations, sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach, an inability to fall asleep, a loss of appetite or overeating---basically we have all been through it many times. We assume that stress is because of circumstances, events, or people out there in the world. We easily blame our spouse, our child, our job or a lack of a job, our health, financial crisis, death or disease in a near and dear one, failure at examinations—and many such people and events, as the cause of our stress. Little do we realize that stress is not in these events or in these people or their behaviors, but in our reactions, our interpretations, our perceptions and our beliefs about these events or persons. Stress is a very personal internal phenomenon. Not realizing this, we go about trying to solve the stress problem by various means, and often meet with limited success, because we are cutting the branches of the overgrown tree and not its roots.
This book is a collection of 30 powerful quotes taken from all over the world, the purpose being to give you, the reader a quick insight into stress and to give you the necessary courage and inspiration, not to mention knowledge, to understand and to accept and to combat your stress.
Stress today is the leading cause of many disease—heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, acidity, ulcers, migraine, and even cancer. It is high time we recognized and understood this problem and dealt with it as soon as we can, to avoid long term damage to our health

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