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Are you wondering why you cannot find a happy relationship?

Are you divorced?

Did you work and your husband work and then one day, he said he is not in love with you anymore?

Or did you leave him because he was not sharing in domestic duties?

Are you a go-getter and find that men are afraid of you?

Do you want a traditional relationship but cannot find a man who does too?

Do you want children?

Unfemininism is the first book in a series by R. Rosen on why modern relationships are breaking down, and why divorce rates are higher than in the past.

The original purpose of marriage was for a man to secure a woman to bear children, and do domestic work. In return, the woman would have a home, children, and a secure environment to raise them.

Nowadays, with the implementation of Femininism into our first world society, women can now work and men can now be house-husbands.

That is all good, except how come divorce rates are so high?

Feminism did some good things but also undid some good things. For example, nowadays women who want to just be mothers and not work, are now regarded as “lazy” and “dependent”. What was normal 100 years ago, has changed. In the meantime, men feel under appreciated and unloved and not needed, and so, more than ever, they're reluctant to settle down.

Women on the other hand have become aggressive, and now do not need men to raise children, more than ever.

Inside Unfemininism you will learn how feminism has effected our society through my philosophical lenses; why you should understand the new circumstances; and what you can do to ensure you too find your niche, and a happy relationship.

The next book is called Commitmentphobia and Ambigudating, and it will continue where Unfemininism leaves.
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