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Heavy Mascara


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Heavy Mascara

Länge: 204 Seiten2 Stunden


Deception, Destruction, and Devastation
In this collection of dark tales, women rely on luck and fate as they rush into predictable collisions with reality.

Behind every face, these flawed yet authentic characters are driven by their own sense of skewed logic: a man fends off accusations by the woman he loves, a lonely woman is in pursuit of the perfect stranger, a naïve woman believes she has found her dream man, a desperate woman escapes from a risky relationship, a convalescing woman finds terror when her car breaks down, a woman becomes a stalker's target.

From young women to elderly matrons, from the savvy sophisticates to the socially inept, the women in these stories depict life's defining moments where one calculated move cements the unalterable fate of another and the inescapable consequences of karma and conscience.

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