Selenium Interview Questions: Guide to Crack Selenium Automation Interviews


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Selenium Interview Questions: Guide to Crack Selenium Automation Interviews

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This workbook contains 200+ questions and answers to the Selenium questions posed to an interviewee. The difficulty level of questions ranges from general to the toughest one may face.

We've identified that in today's competitive careers job market, it is essential that one should structure his/her responses in line with the questions asked. This guide exactly helps you in this area. It will show you how to do this to great effect with examples.

This book is an extensive guide on the Selenium Interview Questions asked in most interviews. It contains more than 200 interview questions with detailed explanation and answers. This is not only beneficial for Selenium beginners but for the experienced professionals as well.

The motto behind writing this book is to provide the readers a crisp yet extensive and complete set of questions asked in interviews. I’ve provided clear explanation with question and answers to make concepts clear. After going through this book, you will be competitive enough to crack most of the interviews. Also, it will clear you basics and concepts regarding selenium automation testing.

This book is not only for Selenium Software Testers but also for those who are interested in some brief of automation via Selenium. When I started learning Selenium I had to struggle a lot to find good interview material. So I made use of my Selenium automation experience and came out with this - my first book. I hope you will like this which will inspire me to write more books for you.

Who Needs This Book?

This guide will benefit:
A beginner who has never faced any automation interview
Anyone who wants a brief on Selenium
Professional who want answers with examples and explanation
One who don’t know what “They” really want to hear....
Need “How To” tips, phrases, and words for answering 200+ job interview questions

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