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The book of Job is the story of a blameless man of God who fell on hard times. More than this, however, it is the story of a man's feeble attempts to understand the purposes of a sovereign God in suffering and pain.

In this story we meet Satan in the presence of God. We see the righteous suffer while the evil seem to prosper. We watch a righteous man curse the day he was born as God remains silent to his cries. Most importantly we discover a God who can use even the evil done to us to accomplish great good in the end.

The book of Job is a message about a sovereign God who is above the pain and suffering we experience in this life. Job discovered that to know God was infinitely more important that knowing the reason for suffering and pain. This book is a very honest look at the sufferings of a man who lost everything he had. It is the story of his pilgrimage through that pain to meet God in a new way.

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