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Theorist-at-Large: One Woman's Ambiguous Journey into Medical Cannabis


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Theorist-at-Large: One Woman's Ambiguous Journey into Medical Cannabis

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"Theorist-at-Large: One Woman's Ambiguous Journey into Medical Cannabis" is author, Regina Nelson's first book. This book offers the reader a unique experience learning about "medical marijuana" though the eyes of a Ph.D. student bent on taking an academic look at this emerging social issue; as well it shares parts of her own personal journey as a medical cannabis patient after she faces a near-death experience in her second semester. An Interdisciplinarian, Nelson, shares commendable peer-reviewed articles, essays, and autoethnographical stories that are cite-able for students, scholarly enough to impress any social-science professor or medical professional/researcher, as well as witty and interesting enough for anyone wanting to learn about cannabis (marijuana) or consider it's social effects. Nelson relates information on the endocannabinoid system clearer than most medical experts and has a far greater grasp on the social ramifications of cannabis legalization or decriminalize than most; she also firmly establishes herself as a cannabis patient advocate, a public policy expert, as well as a Theorist and Leader. This work is unique and stands out among scholarly publications as a worthy read for the average citizen--and since we each host our own endocannabinoid system, like Nelson states, "It's our responsibility to learn the truth about this controversial subject--our lives depend upon it." The ambiguous journey of this doctoral student and medical cannabis patient is brought to life in this book and provides an insightful look into this emerging field of study through personal and academic stories in a way that no one has brought to light; it's a gem! And, Nelson is just delightful in her delivery.

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