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Life of David

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This handy 14-page guide gives you the entire life of King David at a glance. From humble beginnings as a shepherd boy to king over Israel, David is one of the most beloved and impressive characters in the Bible. Despite many personal failures and weaknesses, David went down in history as "a man after God's own heart." Examine in detail the historical background of biblical events, a map of Bible places, This Bible pamphlet tracks every major event in King David's life as well as the important people around him. See David's life at a glance and know all of the key stories: David and Goliath, David and Jonathan, Saul's jealously and attacks on David's life, David's marriage to Michal, Abigail, and more. Complete with maps, charts and time lines, this pamphlet explores the life of Jesus' most famous ancestor. Perfect for the busy person who wants an overview of key themes and events.
Time line covers these keys events:
•David is born
•Samuel anoints David as king
•Saul becomes jealous of David's popularity and success
•David kills Goliath
•Saul's son Jonathan declares lifelong friendship with David
•David commands some of King Saul's troops
•David marries King Saul's daughter, Michal
•Saul tries to kill David; David lives in exile
•Saul takes Michal and marries her to another man
•David gathers a band of soldiers; they fight Israel's enemies
•David spares Saul's life
•Nabal refuses hospitality to David
•David marries Abigail and Ahinoam
•David spares Saul's life a second time
•David lives among the Philistines
•Samuel dies
•King Saul and son Jonathan die in battle with Philistines
•David made king of Judah at age 30 in Hebron; Ishbosheth made king of Israel by Abner
•Six sons born, including Absalom and Adonijah
•David rules in Hebron 7 years and 6 months
•Abner, cousin of King Saul, supports Saul's son Ishbosheth until insulted
•Ishbosheth murdered by own generals
•David marries four more wives and takes several concubines, has more children
•David made king of Israel; conquers Jerusalem and makes it his capitol; rules 33 years
•David defeats the Philistines at Baal Perazim
•David orders the Ark of the Covenant to be returned to Shiloh from Kiriath Jearim
•Celebration when the Ark returns; Michal scorns David's fervor
•God promises that David's kingdom will last forever
•David consolidates kingdom by victories over Philistines, Moabite, Arameans, Edomites, and Ammonites
•David takes Jonathan's son Mephibosheth into his household
•David kills Uriah and marries Bathsheba
•Absolom rebels against his father
•David averts plague by a sacrifice to God on what would later be the Temple Mount
•David dies, leaves kingdom to son Solomon

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